Performance For All. Chevrolet may be known for its small-block V8 engines, but the 2022 Camaro is available with other engines that offer plenty of performance if you’re not interested in paying for more cylinders. Beyond sound, the lower engines have plenty of performance for most and if outright speed is your thing, there’s an engine in the Camaro’s lineup for you, too.

Things for the Camaro start off with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. It makes 275 horsepower, which is enough to get the American sports car from zero to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. That’s nothing to sneer at. Before moving up to a V8, Chevrolet also offers the Camaro with a 335-hp 3.6-liter V6 engine. We think the V6 is the best starting point for shoppers, bringing a noticeable increase in performance and a distinct sound.

If a V8 is what you’re after, the Camaro is available with a few that are sure to impress. SS trims come with a 6.2-liter V8 that’s rated at 455 hp. This engine can help the Camaro sprint to above legal speeds on most highways in 4.0 seconds and makes a sound that has to be heard to be believed. Then, there’s the track-oriented ZL1 trim that comes with a supercharged version of the V8 engine for 650 hp. This model can get to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

One other thing we feel compelled to let you know. Every one of the Camaro’s engines is available with a six-speed manual transmission. We can’t say the same thing about the Ford Mustang.

Alpha Platform For The Win. The Camaro doesn’t have the same amount of firepower as the Mustang or the Dodge Challenger, but it has something those two don’t: GM’s excellent alpha platform. The platform also underpins the Cadillac CT4 and Cadillac CT5 and includes a five-link independent suspension setup at the back, MacPherson struts at the front, and a mix of aluminum to cut weight.

What this means for consumers is that the Camaro offers some of the best handling in the class. The sports car has an immense amount of grip, direct feedback through the steering wheel, and a well-balanced ride. Pair the Camaro with the available 1LE package and the sports car delivers exotic car performance at a far more affordable price.

The Camaro, especially when ticked with the right boxes, is ready to tackle a track day straight from the factory. If lap times aren’t your thing, the Camaro is equally as comfortable cruising down a backroad thanks to a supple ride, even in V8 models equipped with the optional Magnetic Ride Control suspension.

Intimate Interior. First and foremost, the Camaro is a sports car, so we can forgive a few hiccups. The sports car has a far nicer interior than past models better materials and a sporty look. The seats are comfortable and the available Recaro seats have just the right amount of hug for hard driving.

If there’s one major thing we can’t overlook, it’s how small the Camaro’s interior is. The Camaro isn’t exactly a small sports car, look at the Mazda MX-5 Miata or Toyota GR86 for featherweight cars. But its cabin is best suited for two people instead of four. The Camaro has a pair of rear seats in the back, but it offers just 29.9 inches of rear legroom, making it a better option for tiny children or cargo. The trunk is also minuscule with up to 9.1 cubic feet of cargo space with coupes.

The Camaro does come with an intuitive infotainment system that includes a standard seven-inch touchscreen, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and six audio speakers. The sports car is also available with an eight-inch touchscreen, a Bose audio system, an eight-inch digital instrument cluster, and a wireless charging pad. While the Camaro has a retro-inspired design, it’s packed with modern features.

Modern, But Recognizable. Unlike the Mustang and Challenger that double down on the retro touches, the Camaro goes in another direction with a more modern look. The Darth Vader face may not be for everyone, but the Camaro certainly makes an impression. The Camaro’s long nose and long rear overhang make it look like a proper muscle car.

If there’s one problem with the Camaro it’s that the design makes it hard to see out of for the driver. With a low seating position, a high beltline, and a small rear window, the Camaro has a lot of blind spots. All we can say is good luck parallel parking this thing.

Final Thoughts. The Dodge Challenger is the outright horsepower king of the class and the Ford Mustang is the automotive icon, but the 2022 Chevrolet Camaro is the driver’s choice. It has sharp handling that you won’t find with the other vehicles and is offered with a six-speed manual transmission throughout its entire lineup. It’s not the easiest of the trio to drive, but it makes up for it in spades for people that enjoy driving.

The Ford Mustang is the Camaro’s archnemesis. It’s easy to drive, more comfortable to live with, and is available in a Shelby GT500 trim that makes 760 horsepower.

The Dodge Challenger has a cabin that actually has comfortable rear seats, supercar levels of power, and a ride that’s smooth on the highway. Unfortunately, it’s best suited to drag racing and not cornering.

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