The 6 Most Commonly Needed Project Car Parts

January 27, 2012

Undertaking any car restoration or refurbishment work will often result in a desperate search for project car parts. Knowing the purpose of the specific parts of the vehicle can help you to determine which ones you are most likely to need to complete your project.

6 Most Common Project Car Parts

  • The engine. If you are undertaking a complete rebuild or simply seeking to improve the performance of an existing car, an auto engine will need to be one of the first items on the list of required project car parts. There are a range of different engines available and the one you choose will depend on what you want the car to achieve. In addition to bearing in mind how powerful you want the car to be, you must also pick an engine in accordance with the type of fuel you intend to use to power the car
  • The transmission. To ensure your gears work as they should, it will be necessary to have an effective transmission. This can be in an automatic or manual form, depending on the type of gears you find easiest to use. The automatic system works in exactly the same way as a manual kind, but by using only one set of gears which makes the process of changing gears much easier. Making use of a manual transmission will make it necessary to also make a clutch one of the project car parts you require, as this is a component needed to operate the gears
  • The steering. One of the project car parts you should take care with is the steering. If you are seeking to return a classic car to its original condition, you must consider whether you are prepared for the work required if power steering is not in place. If you are used to power steering, it will take some effort to get used to driving manual steering, so you must ensure you are prepared to forgo this for the sake of an authentic vehicle. In addition, you must determine whether it is worthwhile doing the legwork to find rare auto parts
  • The braking system. One of the most important of all the safety project car parts required is the braking system. The more powerful and heavy the car, the more effective the braking system must be to take these aspects into account. There are several types of brake available on the market and you should also consider the conditions you drive in as well as your ability to apply enough pressure to engage them
  • The suspension. The suspension of a car is one of the important car project parts as it is what allows the driver to control the car and ensure a smooth ride for themselves and their passengers. The need for sufficient traction between the surface of the road and the tire means that an effective transmission is essential
  • Tires. Though it is easy to get carried away by purchasing tires mainly for decoration, it is important to ensure they are apt for the type of car. They maintain traction with the road, so it is important the tires you choose are appropriate for the surface you drive in most often

How to Find Classic Car Restoration Parts

Classic car restoration and buying parts for that restoration is a fun and exciting project. To take a car and really build it back to what it used to be is something you can take great pride in. However, you will not be able to do this if you do not have the right parts for the car. There are many places to turn to when trying to find classic car restoration parts. If you look in a variety of places, you will no doubt find the parts you need to complete your project.

  • Talk to classic car dealerships. Classic car dealers are sure to know where you can find classic car restoration parts. After all, these professionals are familiar with the classic car market. These professionals will no doubt have restored a car of their own or know someone who has. Just by being a member of this community, the dealers will have valuable information about who has which parts for the best prices
  • Check junkyards. Check in with local junkyards to see if they have your car model. If you are willing to walk the yard yourself and pull out the necessary parts, you could score yourself a solid deal. Be as specific as possible with the yards so that they can let you know if they have what you need
  • Look at classic car websites. People around the world are passionate about classic car restoration. If you need parts, check in and look around the many websites and blogs devoted to this subject. Users will no doubt have some leads about where you can find classic car restoration parts
  • Check auction websites. Knowing exactly what you want will enable to you to search auction websites. People around the world may have the exact parts you need. Sort through results by location or price, among other criteria, to see which is best for you

Really, if you want to classic car restoration parts, you need to know what you want and need for this project. Additionally, make sure to have a budget. This will help you narrow your search. With enough research, you can find classic car restoration parts to get your car back on the road.