Classic Chevy Car: 1960-1970

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a Chevy classic car, there are many options out there to buy. Classic cars are those that are more than 25 years old, and Chevy has some great models from the 1960s, such as the Impala, El Camino, Nova, Stingray, Chevelle and, of course, the Corvette.


The Impala was quite the car in the 1960s. It came with a 348 horsepower engine, with an optional "tri power turbo thrust." It also came as manual but was available in an automatic transmission which was a four speed. It has the patented design of six taillights in the back. It was called the "bubble top" after its redesign. It had a large round roof with curved glass. It is a fully chrome car, and comes in many different paint options.

El Camino

There were many engine options with this car. Most were actually V8 engines with a ton of power. The engines ranged from 200 all the way up to 350 horsepower. It is considered a two door pickup. In the front, it has a similar design to the Chevelle. The car has chrome moldings on the windows and the doors. There were many different color options, many in the blue family, with the exterior ranging from black to beige.


The Chevy Nova was first introduced in 1961. It's a rear wheel drive vehicle, with a four cylinder engine. It wasn't very powerful, at only around 100 horsepower and 4,000 revolutions per minute. It was a three speed manual with a column shift. There was an optional two speed automatic as well, with glide shifting. The car has been rising in value as a classic car over the past ten years. In 2001, average sales were around $21,000, while nearly ten years later the average sale is nearly double. The highest ever sale was for nearly $200,000.


The Stingray was a Corvette racer. It had a powerful V8 engine with more than 315 horsepower. It was a four speed manual car. It had hydraulics and was a rear wheel drive vehicle. The Stingray was the ancestor of the Corvette, being the inspiration for the early 60s Corvette. The car rarely shows up on auction, but you may be able to find one for around $40,000.


The Chevelle was a rear wheel drive car that came with six cylinders. For such a great engine, it only had an average of 200 horsepower. It was a three speed manual, but also came as an option automatic with overdrive. The car is a tough find. Back ten years ago it could be had for $40,000. Now it is tough to find for less than $75,000 in great shape. 


The Corvette is the best of the Chevy classic cars. These were the cars to own back then. It has a powerful 8 cylinder engine with more than 300 horsepower. It's so popular that they have been made for more than 40 years now. The average sale for an early 1960s Corvette is around $90,000, but the highest recorded sale was nearly $1.5 million.

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