Ford Classic Cars: 1960-1970

March 2, 2012

An overview of the most popular Ford classic cars of the Sixties and early Seventies: the Fairlane, Falcon, Galaxie, Thunderbird, and Mustang.

If you are a classic car buff then there is probably a special place in your heart for Ford classic cars--and especially those from the 1960s. The key collectible Fords from that era were the Fairlane, Falcon, Galaxie, Mustang and Thunderbird. Each has its devotees and each has its own unique charms.

Ford Classic Cars from the 60s and 70s

The most popular cars manufactured by Ford in the 60s and 70s are:

  • Ford Fairlane.The Fairlane was introduced with the 1955 model as a full sized car, but when Ford unveiled the 1962 edition the car had been redesigned as a midsized vehicle, as the Fairlane is known to be, as it was manufactured through the 1960s. The Fairlane was immortalized in 1965's James Bond film "Thunderball"
  • Ford Falcon.The Ford Falcon was even more exclusively a product of the 1960s. The first model year was 1960 and the 1970 model was the final one. The Falcon was smaller than many of the other vehicles made during that decade--but by today's standards it would be called mid-sized. After 1970 the name was transferred to another model of Ford, but the 1960s Falcon's were the genuine article
  • Ford Galaxie.Ford's Galaxie was a full-sized car that was first introduced with the 1959 model. Like the Fairlane the car was only manufactured into the early part of the 1970s. However, the original Galaxie design had a shorter shelf life as the 1969 model saw a redesign
  • Ford Mustang.The Ford Mustang has been one of Ford's best loved and most enduring models. Originally designed from the Ford Falcon, the first model year in which Mustangs were manufactured was 1964. The car was the inspiration for a number of "pony cars" including the Chevy Camaro. Of all the Fords currently in production only one has been around longer than the Mustang--the F series pick up truck. The 1960s era of the Mustang is where it all began and while many collectors think of the Mustang more as a pure muscle car, it has endeared itself to plenty of others
  • Ford Thunderbird.The Thunderbird was another of Ford's more popular name plates--enduring from its origins in 1955 all the way to 2005. Still, the Thunderbirds of the 1960s have always been the most interesting to many collectors. While the first edition in the 1950s was a response to Chevrolet's Corvette and was therefore a two-seater, starting with the 1958 edition Thunderbird had four seats. The Thunderbird went through more redesigns in the 1960s than the rest of the Fords of that era. Counting the original entry that ran from 1958 to 1960 there were four different versions of the car during the decade.

Those wanting to begin a hobby in car collecting--or those who have been involved for a long time--may want to look into Ford models form the 60s.

Common Ford Classic Car Characteristics

If you're a Ford classic car enthusiast, collector or restorer chances are you are already familiar with the different makes and models. Through the years Ford has produced some beautiful automobiles that have gone down in history as some of the finest examples of workmanship and creativity. In this article we take a look at some of the common Ford classic car categories and their characteristics.

  • 1953 Ford.The company had been in the market for 50 years and announced a new model to mark the occasion. Though the 1953 Ford model was mostly an aesthetic upgrade on the previous year's models, the 1953 Ford was a landmark in the company's distinguished journey. The steering wheel was adorned with a medallion engraved with the legend "50th Anniversary 1903-1953" to mark the occasion. The front grille showed a bigger horizontal bar and the center bullet was market with 3 vertical stripes on each side
  • 1960 Ford.The 1960 Ford classic car was an innovative design with an eye-catching chrome band that extended from the front bumper to over the fender and straight back to the rear fins. The grille encased 4 headlights while the taillights were modified into extended semi-circular shapes
  • The Ford Anglia.The Ford Anglia was produced between the years 1939 and 1967 and acted as a blueprint for the Ford Popular that was later produced in the post-war era. The Anglia was manufactured under 4 different models and the standard-issue Ford Black was the color used for most. Vertical radiators, transverse leaf springs in both the front and rear suspension and roomy luggage space were some of the features
  • The Ford Popular. Built between 1953 and 1962 the Popular was no doubt one of the most well-liked automobiles of the time and was the cheapest car being sold in Britain. The Popular was modeled on the style of the E494A Anglia that had found favor with many during the years before war. The car came to be known for its simplistic features, such as minimalist use of chrome, wiper motorized by a single vacuum, and an austere vinyl trim. The car became extremely popular, true to its name, because as compared to other cars that were produced in the post-war age, the Ford Popular was an affordable automobile that functioned well without being a strain on the pocket

Average Cost of Maintaining Ford Mustang Project Classic Cars

The do it yourself rebuilding of project or classic cars is an enjoyable hobby for many car enthusiasts. It's also a good way to get your hands on a rare or expensive car for less money. However, you'll have to be prepared to spend a good deal of time and money restoring your project car. Once you've built the car itself, your expenses are not completely taken care of, however. In order to maintain a 1959 Ford Mustang, for instance, you'll have to pay for a variety of maintenance charges that will help to ensure that your vehicle stays in excellent condition for years to come.

Routine Inspections
Although every vehicle requires a set of regular inspections in order to ensure that all of the parts are functioning properly, a 1962 Ford Mustang and other model years of this classic car require arguably more attention than standard, up-to-date vehicles. One of the reasons for this is that Ford Mustang classic cars (and especially those that have been rebuilt from damaged or stripped off vehicles) are susceptible to a variety of damages that other cars aren't. Recent improvements in technology, paint and other components of vehicles have helped to protect them against exposure damage, driving damage and other types of stress. Ford Mustang cars that are older and project cars do not receive these benefits.

Although there is no prescribed schedule of mechanic's inspection for a Ford Mustang, most owners choose to take their vehicles in every few months up to every couple of years. You can expect to pay anywhere from a couple of hundred up to several hundred dollars for any of these inspections.

Replacing Standard Components
Like other cars, Ford Mustangs have parts that wear out routinely. These include the brake pads, the oil filters and more. Replacing these parts is the most common part of standard maintenance for these vehicles. It can cost somewhat more for these components than for their equivalents in more common vehicles, simply because the Ford Mustang is a rare and classic project car. Still, don't expect to have to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars on these parts every few months.

Changing the Oil
You'll need to change the oil frequently in your Ford Mustang. The process of changing the oil is relatively easy and can be done at home for only a few dollars. However, if you hire a mechanic or other service to change the oil in your Ford Mustang, you'll have to pay a bit more.

Fuel Costs and Insurance
Depending upon the engine in your Ford Mustang, you may have to buy special high octane fuel for the vehicle. This tends to be more expensive than standard gasoline. Additionally, if you've rebuilt a project car and intend to drive it, you'll need to purchase insurance. This can be quite expensive due to the relative liability risks associated with personally built vehicles.

Where to Find Ford Project Cars for Sale
If you're in the market for a car you can rebuild yourself to your own specifications and design style, Ford project cars may be an excellent place to begin your search. Whether you want a classic Mustang project car or a Thunderbird project car, there are a wide range of different types of Ford vehicles that are easy to rebuild. Unlike less common vehicles, these cars are typically easy to find parts and assistance for, making them a great choice for both the experienced rebuilder and the novice alike. One of the most difficult parts of the rebuilding process, however, can be the initial step. Finding a car frame and basic body you can use as your base. Read on for a set of guidelines on how to find Ford project cars for sale.

Salvage Lots.
One of the best resources for car parts and frames both is the salvage lot. A salvage lot is a type of used car dealership that specializes in vehicles that have been severely damaged and are in need of full rebuilding. These cars are oftentimes so damaged they cannot be driven off the lot. In many cases they come in pieces. This makes for an excellent source of project cars. What many people love about salvage yards is they have a very good price structure for most damaged vehicles, meaning that you'll be able to save money as well.

Private Sellers
Look in classified ads in your community for a list of private sellers. This is less certain than a salvage lot, but if you take the time to look through your local newspapers and classified ads frequently, you may find an even better deal on a Ford project car if you keep your eyes open. These situations tend to prove most beneficial to people who have some degree of flexibility in the exact car they purchase.

Online Sales
Another very important source for Ford project cars is the Internet. There are a huge number of different sites that can help to sell you a vehicle or to connect you with people who will be able to sell you a vehicle. Begin by looking to auction sites like eBay. You may also wish to consider sites like craigslist that allow people to sell cars via classified advertisements. There are also a number of retail sites and national salvage lot chains that have websites as well. Keep in mind there are risks to buying a vehicle online, so exercise caution before making a purchase.

Related Questions and Answers

Where is the Best Place to find Old Ford Cars for Sale?

If you are looking for old Ford cars for sale, one of the best places to search is the Internet. Classic car websites are a great place to find the perfect vehicle for you. These sites can be searched by year, make and model, so you can narrow your search to just Ford vehicles. One of the better sites for classic cars is Auto Trader Classics. Another high quality site is Classic You can also check out local classic car shows. If you have a particular model in mind, for example, the Mustang, joining a club or forum can also help you find your car.

Are there any Ford Auto Auctions for Antique Car Models?

There are not many Ford auto auctions when it comes to classic cars. There are tons of classic car auctions every year, but in most cases, they sell all makes and models of classic cars. There are national auction companies that specialize in classic cars. Barrett-Jackson is a leader in the classic car auctions and holds a number of them every year. You can find most types of vehicles at these auctions. Fords tend to be popular as they made a number of highly collectible classic cars. Mecum Auctions is another auction house that deals mainly with classic cars and hot rods.

How Many Different Ford Auto Models are there?

If the question is how many Ford auto models are currently in production, the answer is 19. Ford is currently producing and selling 19 different models. This includes all cars, vans, SUVs and hybrids. If the question concerns the number of models that have been produced in the history of Ford, the answer is in the thousands. It would be hard to pinpoint an exact number. Ford has produced billions of vehicles over the course of its history and models have come and gone. The number would vary depending on the country you are interested in. Ford sells vehicles around the world and makes different models for different countries.

Where can I Buy Ford Car Parts Online?

There are tons of places to buy Ford car parts online. Doing a Google search will bring up pages of results. A couple of the better known places would be Auto Parts Warehouse. They currently have over 170,000 Ford parts in stock. Ford Parts is the official Ford parts site. These sites let you search the parts by year, make and model of your vehicle. There are other sites that specialize in older Ford parts if you are looking to restore a classic Ford vehicle. MAC'S is one of the better known classic parts stores.