How Much Does Auto Paint Removal Cost

January 27, 2012

If you have a classic car, then you may feel that it is in need of a paint job before you can feel that it is fully restored, and in order to apply the new paint, you will need to have some kind of auto paint removal performed on your car. There are many different types of auto paint removal, from the simple application of a chemical stripper, to more complex methods involving dry ice and other substances. The more complex the removal, the more likely it is that you will have to fork out a lot of money for the procedure, and the less likely that you will have money to spend on other items. Getting the most for your money can be essential if you want to have your classic car properly restored.

Chemical Methods

The use of chemicals in any industry is expensive and difficult to manage. The reason that the price is so high is dependent upon two factors. Firstly, that it is never very safe to handle chemicals in a work environment, and the garage will need to put in place strict safety measures, pay for training for the workers, and hire support staff to prevent accidents. These costs are naturally all passed down to the customer, making it very expensive for them. The second reason is simply the technical expertise required for this kind of job. In order to use a dry ice paint removal method, for example, the staff will need to know what protection to use, how to take care of the car while it is being treated, and how to remove the chemical safely. If these procedures are not followed, it is possible that the classic car will be damaged. These considerations make chemical paint removal a serious problem if you have a tight budget to work with.

Manual Methods

The other method of getting the car stripped of paint is to do it manually, that is using a sander, or other electronic paint stripper which will take off the surface of the paint. These devices are often difficult to handle, and there are running costs to using the machines which will also be passed down to the owner of the car being treated. Electrical devices need a power supply, and this can be very expensive. In addition, they require regular servicing, and perhaps parts replacement, particularly if they have a high-impact job such as paint stripping. Sanders are also difficult to use, and if it is not done properly, can take off part of the car's metal work as well as the paint. It is therefore essential that staff are trained to handle these kinds of tools, and this is again passed over to the customer. Going with a firm that are relatively inexperienced may be cheaper, but may also result in damage to the car which will be even more expensive to resolve.


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