How to Find Local Antique Car Shows

January 27, 2012

Antique cars shows are a good venue for hobbyists to find another piece for their collection and for others to learn to appreciate antique cars. These days there are several ways to find schedules and locations of antique car shows. Internet searches may become frustrating because the car show links may be outdated.

The Antique Automobile Club of America, however, provides a plethora of information on antique car shows throughout the United States and Canada. You may choose any location from a list. For example, if you choose Illinois, you would be given an option to choose from several regions throughout the state. You will then find information about the regional branch of the club, including the antique car shows in the area. If you need further information, you are invited to contact them.

The website contains lots more information for antique car enthusiasts, including tours, museums, special events, celebrations, links to other sites, etc.

There are several Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Events across the country every year, and one may be in your area. These events are huge and held over several days. Daily scheduled events include activities such as auctions, vendor and sponsor displays, etc.

How to Participate in Classic Collector Car Shows

Entering car shows is a desire of many car restorers in order to show off all of the work and money put into such a project. Upon completion of most vehicle restorations, owners are eager to show off all of their accomplishments.

Determine Which Class to Enter
Determining which class to enter depends upon the rarity and type of vehicle in question. Most collector car shows have multiple classes in multiple categories. The larger shows break down categories by manufacturer with classifications being Original, Stock and Modified.

Some of the smaller shows group vehicles together by car versus truck and categories being only Stock and Modified. It is very important to some entrants that the appropriate class be selected as the criteria may be significantly different for Stock versus Original. A vehicle restored to Original would not be placed into a Stock class, as the prizes for the Stock class versus the Original class usually do not compare. Rather a vehicle that has not been restored or modified is a better suited vehicle to be entered into the Stock class.

Prepare the Vehicle
When restoring a vehicle with the anticipation of entering a collector car show, it is very important to schedule a timeline in order to get the vehicle fully prepared. If the vehicle is a rare and valuable breed that will be competing against other original and unmodified types, it is extremely important that no detail is left untouched. "Original" classes of shows are 2 to 3 times more critical of details when it comes to preparation of the vehicle. It isn't just a question of wiping down the windows and spraying the tires when it comes to an Original class vehicle. Things like removing dirt and dust from air vents, in and around window crank knobs and the condition of actual fastener heads all come into play when competing in this highly-regarded class.

Transporting the Vehicle to Show
If the vehicle being entered into the show is extremely rare and valuable, or a highly modified and potentially not street-legal vehicle, it may be necessary to transport the vehicle on or in a trailer. When selecting this form of transportation, find out if there are adequate parking facilities for the trailer and loading/unloading details.

Most entrants will be driving their vehicles to the shows which is by far the most practical and used form of transporting vehicles. Driving to a car show is a tradition as old as many of the cars in these shows and is favored by the promoters of the shows. When driving to the show, consider taking a second vehicle to haul all of the cleaning supplies needed to prepare the vehicle once it is at the show site, and also the lawn chairs, coolers, blankets and anything else needed for the duration of the day or trip.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Car shows are about sportsmanship more than ego. Whether or not someone wins their class or not, it is all about continuing a long tradition of showing off something that one takes pride in and enjoying meeting new people.