How to Use an Auto Jig for Auto Repairs and Restoration

January 27, 2012

An auto jig is a companion that holds your car body up in the air above the ground so you can easily work all around the body. When buying an auto jig there are a few things in particular to look for other than the cost.

Find a durable and heavy weight jig. Having one that will adjust to most any car body is a must. You need to find one that has easy rolling wheels that will turn easily and in all directions. It should have sturdy bolts in the support system when you have it adjusted out to fit your car.

There are even some jigs that are made so you can turn the car upside down while on the stand. This is called a rollover or a spit. If you have to do welding, this is the way to do it. You can turn the car upside down, on the side or any other direction and weld without having sparks go down your sleeves or pop on top of you. While handy, this is not absolutely necessary. But if you are going to be using it a lot this is the one to go for.

Make sure the brackets are constructed of angle iron for greater stability. A minimum load of 3,000 pounds is what you want to find. Make sure that the jig will hold the body without risk of distortion when you are removing or installing doors, etc.

You want to be able to move the frame easily from place to place and not have it take up all the space in your garage when not in use. Find one that can be unfolded and have stand alone jack stands on the ends when the wheels are not on it. One that can be towed on a tow bar while taken apart is available and you can use this one for traveling if you are going to be working out of multiple locations. If you are going to be stationary this is not a necessary extra.

You don't want to get one that is complicated to put together and requires two or three people to assemble. You want an easy simple piece of equipment that will give you years of use at a reasonable price.

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