The Pros and Cons of Buying a Chevelle Project Car

March 28, 2012

Finding a Chevelle project car for sale isn't easy, and may be more trouble than it's worth due to low mileage, high insurance and scare part supplies.

Chevelle Project Car

A Chevelle project car is one of the most popular vehicles to purchase and restore. These cars are discontinued and are oftentimes difficult to come by, making the process of restoring them an interesting and exciting challenge. Before you go out and purchase that Chevelle project car to work on, however, consider the various advantages and disadvantages of doing so.


  • You learn about the inner workings. Perhaps the single best way to learn about how cars function and operate is to rebuild one yourself. This process is difficult at times and can often be frustrating, but many people find it to be very enjoyable.
  • You end up with a unique vehicle. Because Chevelle vehicles are virtually unseen on the road today, you may have a very difficult time buying one in good condition. The best way to come up with a vehicle that meets your exact specifications as far as model type and year is to rebuild your own from parts. This allows you full flexibility over the specifications and design of the vehicle.
  • You save money. When purchased correctly, used car frames and parts are typically quite a bit cheaper than the cost of a comparable used car that is fully built and functional. Because these cars are rare and tend to be quite expensive, you can save money by building one yourself, provided that you do so in the proper way.


  • You run into roadblocks. It's very easy to hit roadblocks in the process of rebuilding a car of this type. The most common of these is not being able to find a part that you're looking for. Due to the rare nature of the Chevelle project car, it can be nearly impossible to find a certain component or two for your individual car. This can single-handedly stop the process of rebuilding the vehicle where it stands.
  • Insurance costs are high. If you rebuild your own car and intend to drive it on the road, you'll likely face much higher insurance premiums than you would for any factory made vehicle. The reason for this is that insurance companies assume that a custom built vehicle is a liability and is more dangerous than an approved, manufacturer-built auto.
  • Gas mileage is low. Rebuilt cars of various types get notoriously bad gas mileage. This is because it's very difficult to tweak the gas mileage usage on your vehicle at home. You may pay a great deal of money in order to operate your Chevelle, once you've finished the rebuilding process.

4 Tips for Properly Restoring Chevelle Project Cars

While a standard repair manual is a must have for any do it yourself car rebuilder, many people find that seeking out expert advice on matters of style and choice is another way to make your Chevelle car truly shine. Read on for a few basic tips on how to restore a Chevelle project car properly.

  • Make a list. Unless you have a great knowledge of Chevelle's and have experience working on cars of this type, you're unlikely to know all of the various parts and components of the vehicle that you'll require in the process of rebuilding. Make a checklist that contains all of the various components of the Chevelle, split up according to the sub system in the car that they pertain to. This will help you to keep track of the pieces that you have and those you need, and it will ensure that your vehicle is put together properly the first time.
  • Find a repair guide. Repairing a vehicle without any prior experience is a difficult and often frustrating task. Do not hesitate to purchase a repair guide or download detailed instructions from the Internet to help you to diagnose the problems with the Chevelle and to help you to rebuild it in the correct manner. This can potentially save you many hours of work and a good deal of money too.
  • Use safety equipment. If and when you need to use any dangerous chemicals or equipment in the process of restoring your vehicle, be sure to use the proper safety equipment in order to protect yourself and any other people who may be in the same area.
  • Spend the extra money for quality parts. You'll no doubt have to purchase a huge number of components to help rebuild your Chevelle. You have the choice of purchasing used parts or of purchasing new parts. New parts are invariably more expensive, but the quality of these components tends to be greater than that of the other parts. No matter which you choose for your budget, make sure that you select parts of the highest quality in order to help your vehicle to run as well as possible.
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