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, - July 19, 2022
2022 Honda Accord sedan

Sedans are disappearing from the market at a rapid pace, but Honda continues to offer a well-stocked lineup of small vehicles. Two of the automaker’s more notable cars include the Civic and Accord. While the two vehicles compete in different segments and are different sizes, you may find yourself cross-shopping the vehicles at a Honda dealership.

In this comparison, we’ll see how the two vehicles stack up with one another to see which one is the better option for the majority of consumers.

Honda Civic vs. Accord Prices

2022 Honda Civic sedan

The Honda Civic has an MSRP of $23,645 including destination and Civic prices can exceed $31,000 at the top of the range. Meanwhile, Accord prices start at $27,615 and can range up to nearly $40,000. The optional 2-liter turbo Accord starts at almost $35,000, which could be quite pricey for some buyers.

High residual values can often make some Civic styles better to lease than others. For example, we sometimes find that the Civic hatchback can be a better car to lease than the sedan as a result. At the entry-level, Civic hatchback prices are about $1,000 more expensive than a comparable sedan configuration.

Honda Civic vs. Accord Size

2022 Honda Accord interior

The Civic sedan's legroom up front is actually identical to the Accord at 42.3 inches. Tall passengers may feel very little difference between the two cars with just 0.2 inches separating both models. However, the rear legroom is better in the Accord at 40.4 inches (versus 37.4 in the Civic).

As the larger vehicle, the Honda Accord offers more interior room than the Civic. The Accord has more than 105.6 cubic feet of interior space, while the Civic has 99 cubic feet of interior space. Overall, the Accord's length is 11 inches bigger than the Civic at 198.4 inches vs. 187.4 inches.

Cargo space is also an easy win for the Accord, as its trunk can hold up to 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space compared to the Civic’s 14.8 total cubic feet of cargo space. The Civic hatchback does have decent cargo space, with up to 24.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

Honda Civic vs. Accord Gas Mileage

2022 Honda Accord Hybrid

The 2-liter Honda Civic gets 35 mpg in overall driving, which is better than the Accord's fuel economy of 33 mpg with the 1.5T engine. When you consider the fact that the Accord is a much larger vehicle, this relatively small tradeoff could make the Accord worth it.

The Civic 1.5T is rated at 36 mpg, whereas the Accord 2.0T comes in at 26 mpg. A power rating of 252 horsepower for the Accord 2.0T may seem tempting, but its high price and lower gas mileage could be off-putting for some buyers less concerned with performance.

Shoppers looking to save money on fuel will want to explore the Accord Hybrid. While Honda offers the Accord with a hybrid powertrain, the Civic is only available with gas engines at this time. The Accord Hybrid can get up to 48 mpg combined, which is quite good.

Civic vs. Accord: Which Is Better?

2022 Honda Accord Sedan

With an available hybrid powertrain, a more spacious interior, more powerful engines, and a larger trunk, the Honda Accord is the winner in this comparison over the Civic. It’s not as new as the Civic or as high-tech, but for the majority of consumers, the extra space and performance are better trade-offs.

Having said that, the new Civic is better than ever. The redesigned Civic improves on the nameplate in every way imaginable. Buyers searching for a small car will find that the Civic is an excellent option. In the very near future, the redesigned Civic Type R could be an exciting choice for enthusiasts.

The Civic may be smaller than the Accord, but it’s available with more high-tech features than the Accord. Honda offers the Civic with a 9-inch touchscreen, a 10.2-inch digital instrument cluster, wireless smartphone compatibility, four USB ports, and a 12-speaker Bose audio system. The largest touchscreen in the Accord is an 8-inch unit and the midsize sedan isn’t available with a digital cluster.

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The CarsDirect editorial team is dedicated to providing our readers with the latest on new and used cars, expert opinions on which vehicles make the grade, and all the fun stuff in between.

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