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Sean is an automotive enthusiast with a background in sports journalism. He is a graduate of California Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

, Automotive Contributor - January 27, 2023
2022 Acura TLX

Acura reintroduced the Integra for the 2023 model year to replace the aging ILX. It now serves as the compact counterpart to the midsize TLX. Here’s a brief comparison between Acura’s two sedan offerings so you know which model is right for you.

Acura Integra vs. TLX Price

2023 Acura Integra

The Integra serves as the entry-level Acura with a starting price of $31,895 for the base trim. The mid-level A-Spec trim comes in at $33,895 and adds grey 18” allow wheels, a faster steering ratio, and gloss black trim. The top-of-the-range A-Spec Technology starts at $36,895 and features adaptive dampers, a proximity key, and remote start.

The larger Acura TLX starts at $41,045 for the base model. The mid-level Technology starts at $45,005, and adds a moonroof, 20” wheels, upgraded audio, and navigation. The A-Spec tops out the non-Type S part of the TLX range with a starting price of $47,495, and adds grey 19” wheels, black accents, and a wireless charging pad.

The Type S trim brings the TLX into another price category at $56,765 but adds a powerful V6 engine and a host of other performance upgrades. For an extra $780, you can upgrade to summer tires and 20” lightweight wheels.

Acura Integra vs. TLX Size

2023 Acura Integra Interior

The Integra is a compact sedan, while the heftier TLX classifies as midsize. The TLX is about nine inches longer and 700 pounds heavier than its smaller sibling. Unfortunately, its larger size does not translate terribly well into the interior.

The comparably diminutive Integra actually has about two more inches of legroom than the TLX and has a considerably larger cargo area thanks to its large rear hatch. If you’re thinking of upgrading to the TLX solely based on space, you will be sorely disappointed.

Acura Integra vs. TLX Interior

2022 Acura TLX Interior

Being Acuras, both models offer luxurious and high-tech cabins. However, the TLX makes up for its rather lackluster spaciousness with a decided advantage in comfort and refinement. Although attractive, it’s evident that the Integra’s interior is really a Civic interior with upgraded materials and some flashier tech. The ride quality and overall harshness from the road are not what you might expect from an Acura either.

Although it’s not a Rolls Royce, the TLX does a better job shielding occupants from the outside world, and offers plusher more premium materials. Brushed aluminum, open-pore wood, and a plentiful selection of real leather options grace its decidedly more opulent cabin.

The TLX has a larger 10.2” center screen than the optional 9” unit in the Integra, but it’s worth noting that the TLX’s screen is controlled by Acura’s infamous touchpad. We’re still not sure why Acura thought operating a laptop-style pad while driving was a good idea, and it’s certainly not for everyone.

Both cars are well equipped, especially for their respective price segments, but the larger, more upscale TLX has more to offer inside.

Acura Integra vs. TLX Performance

2022 Acura TLX Engine

For the time being, the Integra is only available with the 1.5L 200-hp turbocharged four-cylinder shared with the Honda Civic Si. We’ll see a Type S variant featuring a Civic Type R powertrain later in the year.

The TLX’s base engine is a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder making 272 hp. Upgrade to the Type S, and you’ll get a 3.0L turbocharged V6 that churns out 355 hp.

The Integra gives its power to the wheels with a continuously variable automatic transmission, although the A-Spec Technology model has an optional manual. All TLX trims get a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Acura did a great job with the driving dynamics of both of these cars. They’re both offered with adaptive dampers and performance drive modes, and both chassis are balanced quite nicely for an enjoyable and engaging overall driving experience. The TLX does have a definite advantage in this category though. The Civic-based Integra is front-wheel drive only, while the front-wheel drive-standard TLX can be optioned with Acura’s superb SH-AWD system.

Integra vs. TLX: Which Is Better?

It’s nice to see Acura can still make a solid luxury sedan with more and more of the market moving towards compact SUVs and crossovers. Both of their four-door offerings are splendid to drive and offer a wealth of interior features. That being said, we prefer the TLX.

Sure, it’s more expensive, but the TLX is more comfortable and more capable than the Integra. That’s not exactly a surprise, but it’s also not the whole story. The TLX is a better value relative to its competition. It might not have the name recognition as say, an Audi S4, but the TLX is more powerful, and the Audi’s pricing can quickly exceed the $60,000 mark.

The Integra on the other hand doesn’t make as much sense as the other cars in the compact luxury/sport class, namely its sister car, the Civic Si. You’ll pay a $2,700 premium over the Civic for a car that’s far more similar than it is different.

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, Automotive Contributor

Sean is an automotive enthusiast with a background in sports journalism. He is a graduate of California Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science in Business.

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