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Chevrolet Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y

For years, the Tesla Model Y went unchallenged in the compact all-electric segment. This has changed recently as traditional automakers, like Chevrolet have introduced new electric SUVs. The Chevrolet Equinox EV is one of the newer electric options in the compact SUV class and goes head-to-head against the incredibly popular Model Y.

Shoppers looking to purchase a small, all-electric SUV could find themselves cross-shopping the Tesla Model Y against the new Chevrolet Equinox EV. In this comparison, we’ll help shoppers decide which one is the better fit for them by comparing the Model Y to the Equinox EV in categories like pricing, size, performance, range, charging speed, and technology.

Chevy Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y Price

Tesla Model Y

The cheapest Chevrolet Equinox EV starts at $43,295 and the most expensive Chevrolet Equinox EV is priced at $50,095. In comparison, Tesla Model Y prices start at $46,380 and go up to $52,880.

There’s a price difference of $3,085 between the base Equinox EV and the entry-level Model Y with the Chevy being the more affordable option of the two. When you compare range-topping trims to one another, the Equinox is $2,785 cheaper.

While the Equinox EX is cheaper to purchase than the Model Y, Tesla’s lease deals tend to be better. Shoppers looking to purchase one of the two SUVs will find that Chevy tends to have better purchasing deals for the Equinox EV than Tesla does for the Model Y.

Chevy Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y Specs

Tesla Model Y Frunk

The Chevrolet Equinox EV is a compact all-electric SUV that is 191 inches long, 77 inches wide, and 65 inches tall. The compact SUV’s wheelbase is 116.3 inches long. The Tesla Model Y is also classified as a compact SUV and is 187 inches long, 75.6 inches wide, and 63.9 inches long. Its wheelbase is 113.8 inches long. On the road, the Equinox may feel slightly larger to drive and park compared to the Model Y.

Chevrolet offers the Equinox EV with two powertrains. The base model comes with a single electric motor on the front wheels that produces 210 horsepower and 242 pound-feet of torque. A dual-motor configuration is available. It brings all-wheel drive and is rated at 290 hp and 346 lb-ft of torque. The Equinox EV with AWD has an estimated zero-to-60 mph time of six seconds.

Tesla does not provide horsepower figures for the majority of its EVs, but provides zero-to-60 mph times and top speeds. The base Model Y Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive model comes with a single electric motor on the rear wheels. This trim can get to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. The mid-range Long Range All-Wheel Drive model adds a second motor and AWD. It can get to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. The range-topping Performance trim has upgraded motors that help the SUV sprint to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Chevy Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y Range

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Charging Port

Information on battery capacity for the Chevrolet Equinox EV isn’t available yet. With FWD, the Equinox EV is rated to get up to 319 miles of range. AWD models are rated at up to 285 miles of range on a single charge.

Tesla claims the Model Y has up to 320 miles of range with the base Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive model. The mid-level Long Range All-Wheel Drive trim has a maximum range of up to 310 miles. Range with the Performance trim drops to 279 miles.

Chevy Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y Charging Speed

When plugged into a DC fast-charging station, the Chevrolet Equinox EV can charge at a rate of up to 150 kW. This allows the SUV to gain 70 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes. Tesla doesn’t provide an exact charging speed for the Model Y, but states that one of its Superchargers can add 162 miles of range in 15 minutes.

Chevy Equinox EV vs. Tesla Model Y Technology

2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV Dashboard

The Chevrolet Equinox EV is available with some impressive tech features. At the moment, the SUV’s base trim comes with an 11-inch digital instrument cluster and a 17.7-inch touchscreen. Standard features also include six audio speakers, Google built-in, navigation, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. On the safety front, the Equinox EV is available with Chevy’s Super Cruise hands-free driver-assist system.

Every Tesla Model Y comes with a 15-inch touchscreen, navigation, a wireless charging pad, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and 13 audio speakers. Tesla has some of the most advanced safety features on the market with its available Full Self-Driving Capability, which brings a suite of features for $8,000. Features like Summon, Smart Summon, Autopark, and Autosteer on city streets are unique for the industry.

Neither the Equinox EV nor the Model Y have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Equinox EV vs. Model Y: Which Is Better?

The Tesla Model Y may be popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a class leader. There are better options in the class, including the Chevrolet Equinox EV. The Equinox EV is cheaper than the Model Y and has a similar amount of range. Thanks to Google-built in, the Equinox EV’s infotainment system is easier to use and the SUV also has a more intuitive layout with user-friendly controls. For most people, the Equinox EV is the better choice.

Let’s be honest here. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Tesla, chances are that you’re going to go through with the purchase. There’s nothing like the Model Y on the road and against the Equinox EV, it offers better performance, has more advanced safety features, and has much quicker charging speeds. Still, poor build quality, unintuitive interior controls, a higher starting price tag, and potentially long wait times to get the vehicle serviced may have some shoppers looking elsewhere.

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