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2024 Ford Bronco Now Eligible For Military, College Discounts

Since Ford introduced the modern version of the Bronco in 2021, deals and discounts for the rugged SUV have been hard to come by. While shoppers may continue to struggle to find a discount on the Bronco, the SUV is now available for the automaker’s Ford Military Recognition Exclusive Cash Reward.

That news comes from a bulletin that Ford sent to dealerships. The Bronco became eligible for the $500 military discount on April 10th. Previously, the Bronco was excluded from the national incentive. According to our analysis, all Broncos except for the Raptor are eligible for the incentive.

While the automaker’s Military Recognition Exclusive Cash Reward incentive is available for military personnel, the Bronco is also now eligible for the first responder discount and the college grad/college student discount. The first responder discount gives first responders $500 off when purchasing or leasing a new Bronco, while the college grad/college student discount gives shoppers $750 off when purchasing and $500 off when leasing a Bronco. These are both ongoing offers that are available until January 2nd, 2025.

2024 Ford Bronco Dashboard

Ford has, surprisingly, boosted incentives for the Bronco in the past few months, despite good sales figures. So far through the first three months of 2024, Ford has sold 31,565 Broncos. This time last year, Ford had sold 29,871 Broncos. In fact, the Bronco is having its best three months since it returned in 2021. In 2022, Ford sold 29,089 Broncos through the first three months, and in 2021, the automaker sold 23,356 Broncos.

At the beginning of the year, Ford introduced a $1,000 discount for Jeep owners looking to make the switch to a 2024 Bronco or Bronco Sport with the Jeep Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash deal. To get 2023 models off of dealer lots, Ford also introduced lease rates of 7.5% for 36 months and 7.6% for 48 months at the beginning of the year. Earlier this month, Ford introduced a new Subaru Competitive Bonus Cash program that gives current Subaru owners and lessees an extra $1,000 off of a new 2023 or 2024 Ford Bronco or Bronco Sport.

Pictured: 2024 Ford Bronco

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