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2025 BMW X6 M front three-quarter view
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2025 BMW Deals Just Announced

It's still early Spring, but we're already starting to see 2025 BMW models arrive on dealer lots. On top of that, BMW's recent dealer bulletins revealed some early 2025 incentives. Here's what you need to know about the 2025 BMW deals available now if you're in the market for the newest model.

BMW tends to be one of the earlier brands in terms of rolling out new models. The luxury automaker has already started taking orders for several popular 2025 models, like the 4-Series and the X5. This month, BMW dealer bulletins indicated the initial offers on multiple 2025 models. We're still a ways away from seeing advertised lease deals, but BMW is now offering lease and purchase loyalty, lease credit, and promotional financing on its 2025 lineup.

Most of the brand's 2025 electric lineup isn't available yet, but both models that are available feature the same lease credit offers as the outgoing 2024 models. The 2025 i5 xDrive40i is currently offered with $7,500 in lease credit, while both trims of the 2025 iX feature a hefty $9,900. If you elect to purchase, the figures drop to $5,000 and $7,500, respectively.

2025 BMW 4-Series rear three-quarter view

Gas-powered 2025 models don't offer quite the same level of rebates as their 2024 counterparts, but there are still savings to be had in the early goings. The 2025 4-Series is available with a $1,000 loyalty credit when both leasing or purchasing, but the 2024 model features an extra $500 when leasing. The 2025 X5, X6, and X7 are available with $500 lease and purchase loyalty credits, while the 2024 models all have bonuses of $1,000. The 2025 Z4 is also currently available but isn't offered with any rebates.

In terms of financing, the aforementioned 2025 electric models are available at the same rates as the 2024 models: 3.99% for up to 60 months and 4.49% for 72. The rest of the 2025 BMWs are offered at 5.29% for 60 months and 5.78% for 72. The 2024 X5 and X7 can currently be financed at as low as 3.99% and 4.99%, respectively, but the rest of the 2025 financing offers are in line with the 2024 rates.

Pictured: 2025 BMW X6 M (top), 2025 BMW 4-Series (middle)

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