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, Managing Editor - November 25, 2022

We may be less than a week away, but 2022 Black Friday car deals are expected to be harder to find this year as the auto industry grapples with an inventory shortage. In addition, Black Friday SUV deals and Black Friday truck deals may not be as good as you expect due to rising inflation and higher interest rates.

Fortunately, some brands reliably offer Black Friday car sales like holiday bonus cash, complimentary payments, and 0% APR deals. We're already seeing Black Friday 0% financing deals offering no payments till 2023, new Sign & Drive lease deals with zero-down, and new car discounts worth up to $6,000 off MSRP.

We'll be updating this page with the best Black Friday deals on cars closer to the holiday, with insider tips and unadvertised deals you won't see anywhere else.

Updated November 25th at 9:09 am

Latest Updates:

11/25: $1,500 off Ford Bronco Sport
11/24: Ford trade-in assistance worth up to $5,000
11/24: $500 Amazon Card from Ford for 1 day only
11/23: Hyundai added $500 lease cash on most models
11/22: Chrysler 300 rates will fall from 6.49% to 0%
11/22: Jeep Gladiator rates will fall from 6.49% to 0%
11/22: Dodge Durango rates will fall from 6.49% to 0%
11/22: Ford is offering no payments till 2023
11/21: Acura is offering a $750 Integra loyalty discount
11/21: Infiniti is offering up to $6,000 off the QX80

Black Friday SUV Deals

2022 Ford Bronco Sport

Ford is offering a rare discount on the 2022 Bronco Sport in California. Between November 25th and the 28th, the popular small SUV has a $1,000 bonus cash incentive. This is probably the first rebate deal we've seen in about a year. But that's not all.

On November 25th only, Ford is offering a $500 Amazon Gift Card in California and New Mexico. Alternatively, you can take a $500 bonus cash incentive. You can combine these offers for a maximum of up to $1,500 in savings for a very limited time.

We've seen signs that Ford may continue offering the $1,000 Bronco Sport deal through December. However, this hasn't been officially confirmed. Bronco Sport financing rates currently start at 1.9% for 36 months, 2.9% for 48, and 3.9% for 60.

2022 Ford Explorer

Through November 28th, Ford is offering a limited-time discount on the 3-row Explorer SUV. In California, the 2022 Explorer XLT has a $5,000 lease trade-in assistance incentive that can be stacked with a $1,000 discount for $6,000 in potential savings.

That's the biggest Explorer discount that we've seen all year, resulting in an ultra-affordable $349 lease for 36 months with $2,348 due at signing (10,500 miles a year). We don't think you'll find a better deal on a midsized SUV than this one.

Although there's 0% financing for buyers, it's limited to 36 months. On Black Friday, Ford is offering a $500 Amazon Gift Card as a 1-day-only deal. We're seeing the incentive in California and can't guarantee that you'll see it elsewhere.

2022 Dodge Durango

On November 25th, Dodge will begin offering 0% financing on the 2022 Durango GT. Considering the current rate is 6.49% APR, this is a pretty big deal. On a $45,000 SUV, we estimate that this may translate to as much as a $7,800 price cut if you can take advantage of the deal.

According to a dealer incentive bulletin, the offer is limited to western states, and we can't say for certain whether other regions will get the same deal. Only one trim is eligible, though this could make the Durango GT cheaper to buy than less-expensive styles. The offer ends on the 30th.

2022 Ford Escape

On November 18th, 2022 Ford Escape discounts surged in the South Florida region. There's now a $3,000 trade-in assistance cash incentive when leasing the small SUV. That's $1,000 more than before, representing a 50% boost in savings for late-month buyers.

Gas, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid Escapes get the same trade-in deal. While this is a regional incentive, we're seeing solid Escape deals elsewhere as well. In California, Ford is offering 0% APR for 36 months on the Escape Hybrid, one of the best deals on a hybrid.

2022 Infiniti QX80

Between November 16th and November 30th, Infiniti is offering a $3,000 Winter Bonus on all versions of the 2022 QX80. While this marks the best deal we've seen to date on the large luxury SUV, our analysis found that the vehicle has already sold out. You may still be able to find one, but it may be extremely difficult.

According to a bulletin sent to Infiniti dealers, the $3,000 Black Friday discount can be combined with other incentives. For example, the LUXE trim offers interest rates from 1.9% for 36 months plus $2,000 in Special APR Cash. Infiniti owners can also get a $1,000 loyalty discount for $6,000 in potential savings.

2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer SUV

Between November 11th and the 30th, 2022 Jeep Wagoneers offer as much as $3,500 off MSRP with a national conquest cash incentive. To get the deal when buying or leasing, you or someone in your household will simply need to own or lease a competitive vehicle. A trade-in is not required to get the discount.

Offers vary by trim, with the biggest discount on the Wagoneer Series II and Series III. All other styles have a smaller $2,000 cash incentive. This marks the first time that we've ever seen a discount on the luxurious Grand Wagoneer, which has thus far been excluded from the best Wagoneer sales promotions.

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV

Beginning on November 11th, Mitsubishi Outlanders offer No Payments For 90 Days when financing through Santander. While the recently redesigned Outlander Plug-In Hybrid isn't eligible, the deal could give buyers a significant amount of flexibility with the option to make no payments till 2023.

Both the 2023 Outlander and the outgoing 2022 Outlander qualify for the offer. However, since this Mitsubishi payment deferral incentive lasts till January 3rd, you may not need to rush to buy one right away. Outlander interest rates start at 1.9% APR for 36 months, and longer terms are available.

2023 Hyundai Kona crossover

A new Sign & Drive deal is available through November 30th on the 2023 Hyundai Kona SEL. At just $319 for 36 months, this zero-down lease deal is an exceptional value. It also happens to be the same price advertised on the 2023 Elantra SE even though its MSRP is $3,500 more expensive.

The Hyundai Kona is now one of the cheapest SUVs to lease. If you'd prefer to buy rather than lease your Kona, Hyundai is also offering 0% APR financing for 36 months with no payments for 90 days. Lease example based on California; prices elsewhere may vary.

2022 Hyundai Venue

Through November 30th, the 2023 Hyundai Venue offers 0% APR for up to 36 months plus no payments for 90 days. We consider this a solid deal, though a shorter term will mean a higher monthly payment than you may be comfortable with.

Alternatively, there's also a 48-month interest rate of 0.9%, but it can't be combined with the deferred payment incentive. The 2023 Venue recently got a small price increase but remains one of the cheapest SUVs that you can buy in America.

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          Black Friday Car Deals

          2022 Dodge Challenger SRT

          Through November 30th, the 2022 Dodge Challenger offers up to $2,000 in savings when choosing the GT trim. That's double the savings you could get on the same car earlier this month. The reason for the 100% boost in savings is a new $1,000 national bonus cash deal.

          What's more, the Challenger SXT is now eligible for the same $1,000 discount. Previously, there was no rebate whatsoever. Although we've seen better Challenger deals before, this could represent a good time to buy if you don't expect deals to improve and aren't willing to wait.

          Both the Dodge Charger and Challenger also offer No Payments For 90 Days when financing through Chrysler Capital. Challenger lease prices now start from as little as $365 a month. We'd really prefer to see 0% financing on the Challenger, but we aren't seeing it at this time.

          2023 Acura Integra

          On November 17th, Acura began offering an unadvertised loyalty discount on the 2023 Integra. The so-called Acura Ambassador Loyalty Offer is a targeted incentive worth $750 off MSRP for "select current eligible Acura owners," according to a dealer incentive bulletin.

          Unfortunately, Acura doesn't explain what constitutes an "eligible" customer. It's also worth noting that the loyalty discount is limited to leases and can't be used toward an Integra purchase. The offer ends January 3rd, so you don't need to buy now to get the deal.

          As we've reported previously, Integra residual values are quite high and this can make it a good car to lease. Despite being an all-new model, our analysis for November found that the Integra is one of the cheapest luxury cars to lease starting at just $369 per month.

          2023 Genesis G70

          Through November 30th, Genesis is offering a $1,000 Holiday Bonus Cash deal on the 2023 G70. The best part is that you can combine the offer with 2.99% APR financing for up to 60 months. There's also a 72-month option at 3.49%, as well as a 48-month loan at 2.49%.

          The 2.0T version of the G70 luxury car offers a $1,000 conquest bonus cash offer when coming from a competing brand. Alternatively, there's a $1,000 loyalty bonus for Genesis and Hyundai owners. Dealers are also being given $1,000 in dealer cash to help cut prices.

          2023 Lexus IS

          To help get current Lexus lessees behind the wheel of the new IS sedan, the luxury brand is offering to waive up to 6 months of their remaining payments. The Lexus payment waiver program can be shared with members of the same household and can be combined with a $500 lease cash incentive on most IS models.

          While the new IS 500 F Sport Performance is excluded, a handful of other Lexus models get the same payment waiver offer. On the East Coast, the Lexus ES sedan offers up to a $2,500 lease incentive and has a 4-month lease payment waiver available. Offers may change closer to Black Friday, so stay tuned.

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                  Black Friday Truck Deals

                  2023 Jeep Gladiator pickup truck

                  On November 11th, Jeep added an extra $1,500 in national bonus cash on all versions of the 2022 Gladiator. As before, Overland trims get $2,500 in Black Friday Bonus Cash in states like California for a total of $4,000 in potential savings. This marks the biggest Gladiator discount we've seen to date.

                  That's one of the best deals on a truck and could help offset some of the higher interest rates we're seeing from Chrysler Capital. The downside is that Jeep deals vary by region and the discount on the other trims isn't as good. There's also a 90-day payment deferral for no payments till 2023.

                  Separately, Jeep is planning to cut interest rates on the Gladiator Overland from 6.49% to 0% on November 25th. If you can time your purchase just right, this could amount to a huge price cut. That said, this is a standalone offer, which means you can't combine it with any other rebates or incentives.

                  2023 Chevy Silverado 1500

                  You can save up to $4,500 on a 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 if you play your cards right. First, there's a $500 Chevy Cyber Cash deal on Crew Cabs, plus a holiday Costco discount worth an additional $1,000 for warehouse members as of October 31st. Next, Silverado 2.7L Turbo trucks get $500 in customer cash.

                  On the East Coast, there's also a loyalty discount worth a whopping $2,500 off MSRP on 2.7L trucks. Altogether, that's $4,500 in potential savings on the latest version of the Silverado. In other parts of the U.S., Chevy is offering a $1,000 2.7L engine bonus in lieu of the loyalty discount for $3,000 in savings.

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                      Black Friday Car Lease Deals

                      2023 Chevy Equinox

                      The 2023 Chevy Equinox LT can be leased for as little as $269 for 24 months for those who qualify. If you're coming from another GM or other brand's lease, Chevy will give you a $1,500 lease discount. Through November 30th, there's also a $500 Chevy Cyber Cash deal for $1,500 in potential savings on an Equinox lease.

                      With an amount due at signing of $2,389, this is one of the best leases on an SUV. Believe it or not, its effective cost of $369 per month actually manages to make it cheaper to lease than a 2023 Chevy Trailblazer LT ($404) despite the fact that the Equinox is bigger and has a higher MSRP price of just over $29,000.

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                          Black Friday EV Deals

                          Jeep Wrangler 4xe

                          The electrified 2022 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4xe benefits from $1,000 in Black Friday Bonus Cash through November 30th. This is a deal we haven't seen before, and quite unusual given the fact that the Wrangler 4xe has been in high demand. Offers may vary by region and the example is based on California.

                          If you're leasing a Wrangler 4xe, Chrysler Capital is passing along the full value of a $7,500 tax credit as lease cash. That's something that we can't say about other plug-in hybrids, especially after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act last summer when most PHEVs were unfortunately stripped of the tax credit.

                          2023 Genesis G80 EV

                          Beginning November 10th, the new 2023 Genesis G80 Electrified offers a Black Friday deal involving $1,000 in bonus cash. You can combine the deal with 3.99% APR financing for up to 72 months. The 100%-electric luxury sedan can also be leased from $879 for 36 months with $5,999 due at signing.

                          The G80 EV is rated at 282 miles of range and gets 97 MPGe. The EPA estimates the car can save $6,750 compared to the cost of fueling a traditional vehicle. Availability is limited to select states: AZ, CA, CT, NJ, NV, NY, UT, and WA. Offers end on November 30th. Lease prices may vary by region.

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                          All Black Friday Car Sales

                          Since there are all sorts of Black Friday car sales, we'll list some of the most noteworthy holiday car incentives by brand below. In some cases, these may be limited-time deals you can only get in November. Remember, selection may be extremely limited.

                          Ford 2022 Black Friday Deals (Started 11/18) Updated 11/25

                          2023 Ford F-150

                          $500 Amazon Gift Card. On November 25th (Black Friday), Ford will offer a 1-day-only $500 Amazon Gift Card deal in California. Both 2022 and 2023-model-year Ford vehicles are eligible, but the only other region we're seeing the deal in is New Mexico.

                          Exclusions to the Ford Black Friday Amazon Card deal are the Ford F-150 Tremor, Raptor, Mustang Mach-E, Bronco, Maverick, Shelby Mustang, and E-Transit. Ford is also offering the option to take a $500 bonus cash discount instead of a gift card.

                          No Payments Till 2023. On November 18th, Ford began offering no payments for 90 days on most models. On the 2023 Ford Explorer, you can now get rates as low as 2.9% APR. The downside is that these rates are no different from earlier this month.

                          It's also worth noting that popular models like the Bronco and F-150 Lightning are excluded from the deferred payment deal for Black Friday. In addition, the Explorer rate is limited to 36 months, and a longer term of 72 months carries a higher interest rate of 6.9%.

                          Still, there are deals to be had. For example, the 2022 Ford F-150 has a 60-month interest rate of 1.9% or 2.9% for up to 72 months. Having the ability to make no payments till 2023 could be a nice benefit for some buyers.

                          We're seeing some great regional deals, too.

                          Retail Bonus Cash (California). From November 25th to the 28th, Ford is offering a $1,000 Retail Bonus Cash deal on select 2022 models. Previously, the only model with a rebate was the Edge. The Escape, Bronco Sport, Explorer, and F-150 are eligible.

                          This is Retail Bonus Cash, which means it's only available when buying. If you're leasing, the best deal is Trade-In Assistance Cash worth up to $5,000 (see below). Retail Bonus Cash can be combined with Ford's $500 Amazon Gift Card on November 25th.

                          Trade-in Assistance Cash (Florida, California). On November 18th, Ford began offering a $2,000 trade-in assistance bonus in South Florida when leasing the 2022 F-150 or as much as $3,000 off the 2022 Escape.

                          In California, we're seeing a similar deal when leasing select models through November 28th (Monday). In the case of the 2022 Ford Explorer, it's worth a whopping $5,000. On the 2022 F-150 pickup, it's worth $3,000.

                          $1,000 Holiday Private Offer (Michigan). In Southeast Michigan, there's a $1,000 Home For The Holidays Private Offer on many 2022 and 2023 vehicles.

                          $500 F-150 Bonus Cash (Wisconsin). On November 21st, Ford started offering a $500 bonus cash deal in Wisconsin on the 2022 F-150.

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                          2022 Hyundai Black Friday Sale (Starts 11/23) Updated!

                          2022 Hyundai Santa Fe crossover

                          $500 lease bonus. On November 23rd, Hyundai began offering an extra $500 in lease cash on most models. If you're buying, there's now a $500 APR Bonus that can be combined with low-interest financing rates. This could amount to a nice advantage if you plan to buy or lease a new Hyundai before the deal ends on November 30th.

                          Eligible vehicles include the Elantra, Sonata, Venue, Kona, Kona EV, Tucson, Santa Fe, and Santa Cruz. Sadly, newer and high-demand vehicles like the IONIQ 5 and Palisade are excluded from the Black Friday incentive. However, this isn't the only set of deals available to those looking to save a little more money.

                          0% financing, no payments till 2023. Separately, a month-long promotion offers 0% financing for 36 months on just about every 2023 car and truck. What's more, a 90-day payment deferral incentive can mean no payments till 2023.

                          $0-down lease deals. Most models can be leased with $0 down thanks to a Hyundai Sign & Drive deal that also covers your first month's payment. The budget-priced Hyundai Venue can now be leased for $259 for 36 months with $0 due at signing, making it one of the best SUV leases under $300.

                          We think the 2023 Hyundai Kona SEL is an exceptionally good deal at $319 for 36 months with $0 due at signing. That's actually the same price as this month's 2023 Elantra SE lease deal even though the Kona's MSRP is $3,500 higher on paper.

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                          Chrysler Black Friday Sales Event (Starts 11/25)

                          2022 Chrysler 300 sedan

                          Chrysler is planning to cut its financing rate on the 300 sedan to 0% APR on November 25th. Through November 30th, this will represent one of the best deals on a car. While this is a regional deal for western states, there's a chance that similar offers could emerge in other parts of the country, too.

                          Currently, the lowest Chrysler 300 interest rate is 6.49% APR. On a $35,000 car, we estimate that this limited-time deal could save buyers over $6,000 because of the big difference in interest costs. You'll need to have excellent credit in order to qualify, so be sure to check your credit in advance.

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                          Dodge Black Friday Deals (Starts 11/25)

                          2022 Dodge Charger sedan

                          Dodge has been offering Black Friday Bonus Cash on select models since earlier this month. However, there's a late-month deal coming to western states on the 2022 Durango. On November 25th, GT trims will get 0% APR for 60 months. That's a rate cut from 6.49% APR from Chrysler Capital.

                          If you're a Dodge Challenger buyer, now may be a good time to buy. A little over a week ago, the company expanded its Black Friday discount to include the entry-level SXT. The Dodge Charger also offers a noteworthy discount of up to $2,500 on the GT trim and $2,000 off the SXT in California.

                          Most Dodge models also offer no payments for 90 days from Chrysler Capital. Although the company's interest rates are pretty lousy right now, this could offer some flexibility for holiday car buyers. The lowest advertised Charger financing rate is 6.49% for 60 months, which is quite high in our view.

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                          RAM Black Friday Deals (Starts 11/25)

                          2022 RAM 1500

                          RAM is offering a confusing array of deals for Black Friday 2022. The best deal hasn't even arrived yet. According to a dealer incentive bulletin, 2022 RAM 1500 buyers in western states will get 0% APR for 60 months on Big Horn and Lone Star versions of the Crew Cab.

                          Currently, the best RAM 1500 interest rate is 0% for 48 months. However, RAM's Black Friday deal does have a big catch in that it's a standalone offer that can't be combined with other offers. This could involve sacrificing over $6,000 in rebates in some parts of the country.

                          We recommend comparing offers for the configuration you want to buy. Having said that, there is no advantage for lessees, so there may be no reason to wait if you aren't looking to buy. In California, there's $2,500 in Black Friday-related savings with $6,250 in potential offers.

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                          Jeep Black Friday Deals (Ends 11/30)

                          2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

                          On November 25th, Jeep will begin offering 0% financing for 60 months on the 2022 Gladiator in western states. Only the Rubicon trim will get the deal, so this could be a good opportunity to upgrade. Currently, the lowest interest rate from Chrysler Capital is 6.49%, making this a sizeable price cut for truck buyers.

                          Elsewhere, Jeep's 2022 Black Friday Sale mainly consists of Holiday Bonus Cash worth up to $2,500 on select models. Offers vary heavily by region. In some cases, we're seeing truly rare deals. For example, a $2,000 conquest bonus on the Grand Wagoneer is the first discount we've ever seen on this vehicle.

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                          Acura Black Friday Deals (Started 11/17)

                          2022 Acura MDX

                          Acura doesn't offer Black Friday rebate deals like other automakers. However, on November 17th, the company began offering a hidden $750 loyalty discount that isn't being advertised. It's called the Acura Ambassador Loyalty Offer and is essentially a $750 lease discount.

                          What's most impressive to us is the fact that the all-new Integra is eligible for the deal. In addition, most 2023 Acura models are eligible, namely the TLX sedan and both the RDX and MDX crossovers. The downside is that Type S and limited-edition PMC models are excluded.

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                          Infiniti Black Friday Sale (11/16 - 11/30)

                          2022 Infiniti QX80

                          Infiniti's Black Friday sale is proving to be quite disappointing. Although the brand is offering a $3,000 Winter Bonus, the deal is limited to the QX80. What's more, only the 2022 QX80 qualifies for the incentive and inventory may be practically impossible to find at most dealerships at this point in the year.

                          No other Infiniti model has a Black Friday deal. Having said that, the 2023 Infiniti QX50 does feature a $700 lease cash incentive in some regions, plus a $1,000 loyalty discount for current owners. That's $1,700 in potential savings. Interest rates are quite high at 4.9% APR for 60 months on the QX50.

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                          Kia Black Friday Deals (11/14-11/30)

                          2023 Kia Sorento SUV

                          Between November 14th and the 30th, Kia is offering a $500 trade-in assistance bonus on 3 models: the 2023 Forte, 2023 Soul, and Sorento. In the case of the Sorento, the deal is available on both the 2023 model and the outgoing 2022 model, though the Sorento Hybrid and Sorento Plug-In Hybrid are excluded.

                          The biggest downside is that Kia's $500 trade-in assistance offer is only available when buying. If you're leasing, the amount is worth just $250. That's pretty disappointing as far as Black Friday deals go. To qualify, you'll need a 2003 or newer car. The offer can be combined with rebates and financing deals.

                          The 2023 Kia Forte LXS is one of the cheapest cars to lease starting at just $229 for 36 months. The 2023 Kia Soul LX isn't far behind at $239 per month. At $289 per month, the 2023 Kia K5 LXS is among the cheapest midsize cars to lease, while the redesigned 2023 Sportage LX comes in at only $279 per month.

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                          Chevy Cyber Cash Sale (11/01-11/30)

                          2022 Chevy Colorado truck

                          Like previous years, Chevy is offering a $500 Cyber Cash coupon on select models for the holidays for buying and leasing. This year, the sale includes both 2022 and 2023 versions of the Silverado 1500 and Silverado HD, Equinox, Blazer, Traverse, and Malibu. The 2022 Colorado is also included.

                          As for how it works, you'll need to register at or your dealer's website to get an offer code. Once you get your authorization code or PIN, simply take it to your dealer. The offer can be combined with most deals for buying and leasing, as well as loyalty discounts.

                          Chevy's advertised lease prices include the Cyber Cash coupon in the amount due at signing. Most of these Black Friday Chevy lease deals are cheaper than before. Cyber Cash is limited to Chevy and is not available on Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles.

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                          2022 Chevy Costco Holiday Deal (11/01-1/03)

                          2023 Chevy Tahoe SUV

                          Chevy has brought back its annual Costco winter sales event. Members as of October 31st can get a $1,000 discount for buying or leasing any of the following 2022 or 2023-model-year vehicles: Silverado 1500, Silverado HD, Trailblazer, Equinox, Blazer, Tahoe, Suburban, and Malibu. The 2022 Chevy Colorado qualifies, too.

                          There's a smaller $500 Costco discount on the Bolt and Bolt EUV. The best part is that you can combine the Costco discount with Chevy's Cyber Cash offer. It's also worth noting that vehicles like the 2023 Chevy Tahoe and Suburban have practically no other discounts, which makes this a deal worth taking advantage of.

                          As confirmed with a Costco Auto Program representative, only Chevy-branded vehicles are eligible for this deal.

                          Genesis Black Friday Sale (11/10-11/30)

                          2023 Genesis GV80 luxury SUV

                          The 2022 Genesis Black Friday Sale runs from November 10th through the 30th and offers both buyers and lessees a $1,000 Holiday Bonus Cash incentive. This is a deal you wouldn't be able to get otherwise. Four models are eligible: the 2023 G70, G80, GV70, and GV80.

                          Sadly, the all-new 2023 Genesis GV60 is excluded. However, the recently introduced G80 Electrified (also an EV) manages to still qualify for the $1,000 discount. Additionally, Genesis is offering a $1,000 bonus on select models when switching from a competing brand.

                          Shoppers should be aware that the 2023 G70 2.0T is currently among the cheapest luxury cars to lease. For the money, we also consider it to be one of the best luxury car lease deals for getting more bang for your buck in the month of November.

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                          2022 VW Black Friday Sale (11/01-1/03)

                          2023 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport

                          VW has unveiled Sign & Drive leases that require no money down. While $0-down leases may sound good, our analysis found that these VW Sign & Drive leases have much higher monthly payments than normal. We're also seeing some bizarre prices that could make it smarter to upgrade to a bigger vehicle.

                          Here in California, 2023 VW Taos SE leases start at $529 for 36 months. That's the same price as the 2023 Tiguan SE. Unfortunately, our analysis found that VW's 2022 Sign & Drive leases can be extremely expensive. As an example, the 2023 Atlas SE V6 with Tech Package and AWD is listed at $729 per month.

                          It's also worth knowing that the sale seems to be limited to VW SUVs. Apart from the Taos, Tiguan, and Atlas, that just leaves the Atlas Cross Sport. VW's Sign & Drive sale ends on January 3rd. We could see further changes closer to Black Friday, but there's no guarantee. Check back for possible updates.

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                          When Do Black Friday Car Sales Start?

                          2022 Lincoln Navigator

                          Black Friday car sales are typically announced in the days and weeks before the holiday. Black Friday 2022 will take place on Friday, November 25th. In addition to last-minute Black Friday car sales, we tend to see some brands offer month-long Black Friday car incentives that give buyers ample time to shop around.

                          A year ago, Dodge introduced 0% APR for 84 months on the Durango in select states on November 24th. Even Toyota had $500 in holiday cash on the then-new Corolla Cross. In the luxury segment, Lincoln began offering up to a $1,400 credit toward the first month's lease payment on the full-sized Navigator SUV.

                          Through November 30th, Chevrolet even had a so-called Cyber Cash incentive on a wide selection of models. One of our top picks at the time was the Chevy Traverse with 0% APR financing for 72 months plus $500 Cyber Cash. Costco warehouse members could also score an additional $1,000 rebate deal.

                          Lexus ES

                          November also marked the start of the Lexus December To Remember sales event last year. In the case of the Lexus ES sedan, lessees could score up to a $4,500 lease cash incentive in western states. It's possible that 2022 will offer solid ways to save if you know where to look, but we'll know more closer to Black Friday.

                          Apart from normal advertised car deals, we'll be looking at dealer incentive bulletins to uncover the best ways to save. If you can't find the car you want due to the global chip shortage, it's also worth keeping in mind that many car manufacturers are offering special new car price protection programs while buyers wait.

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                          Is Black Friday A Good Time To Buy A Car?

                          Audi Q7

                          Black Friday can be a good time to buy a new car if there are deals on the car you want. If there aren't any Black Friday deals, odds are there will be no advantage in buying a car or truck during that time. While it's typically a time in which fall sales events kick into high gear, the lack of inventory has eliminated many deals.

                          If you're buying a brand like Ford or Chevy, odds are that dealerships will suggest you place a factory order. Not all automakers take orders, however. For example, Toyota doesn't do orders and your best bet could be to put down a reservation. In the case of Audi, waiting for your car may get you a $1,000 retail order credit.

                          Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

                          Black Friday can trigger special sales events. A year ago, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Hyundai all offered No Payments For 90 Days. If you could use the added flexibility to plan your holiday budget, this could be a deal worth taking advantage of. Lexus has been known to cut lease prices around this time as well.

                          Unfortunately, new car prices in 2022 aren't coming down as fast as we'd like. Many shoppers are continuing to pay MSRP as well as dealer markups. As a result, prices may vary heavily depending on the dealer you're buying from. We recommend comparing your choices carefully amidst these ongoing challenges.

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                          Are There Cyber Monday Deals On Cars?

                          Most brands don't offer Cyber Monday car deals. However, Chevy has offered something called Cyber Cash for the past several years. Rather than a true Cyber Monday car deal, this is actually a month-long promo that involves a $500 Cyber Cash coupon you have to register to get online before buying or leasing a car.

                          In the past, Ford offered free Amazon gift cards around this timeframe. However, we haven't seen deals like that in quite some time. Brands like Toyota and Honda do not offer Cyber Monday incentives. For true Cyber Monday deals, you'll likely be limited to traditional online retailers selling electronics and other home goods.

                          2023 Ford Mustang coupe

                          As always, it's also worth pointing out that there's a big difference between manufacturer incentives and dealer discounts. The latter involves programs meant to help get shoppers to buy or lease. While most rebates are available to everyone, dealers can sell at whatever price they want.

                          Here's an example. If a car with an MSRP of $30,000 has a $2,000 rebate and is listed at $28,000, what this actually means is that the car is being advertised at its full sticker price with no dealer discount. In most cases, you'll still want to negotiate in order to get the best price possible.

                          CarsDirect's experts monitor the latest deals to uncover the best ways to save when buying or leasing. We'll even tell you about unadvertised deals you won't hear about anywhere else. Given the variety of factors involved, the best time to buy a car may not be the same for everyone.

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