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GM's Brightdrop Electric Vans Have Massive Discounts

GM is offering steep discounts on its Brightdrop lineup of electric commercial vans. According to bulletins sent to dealers, 2024 Brightdrop Zevo EVs have discounts worth up to $15,000 off MSRP. In some cases, fleet buyers may be able to also take advantage of unadvertised incentives to help offset the model's high prices.

Through June 3rd, 2024 Brightdrop vans offer $15,000 in Consumer Cash. The deal includes both the Zevo 400 and the Zevo 600. Curiously, 2024-model-year Brightdrop discounts are better than last year's vans. 2023 Brightdrop models have smaller discounts worth $10,000. That's a bit of an odd quirk in our view.

GM Brightdrop zevo electric van

At the same time, GM is giving dealers up to a $6,000 Brightdrop Stocking Program incentive and paying out $1,000 in dealer cash on all versions of the electric van. A GM spokesperson did not respond to multiple requests for comment on why the company appears to be going so aggressively on these fleet EV discounts.

As we reported earlier this year, Ford began offering fleet discounts worth up to $7,500 on vehicles like the E-Transit van. We think GM may be giving its dealers the tools to better compete when it comes to pricing. Still, it remains doubtful that the average driver will suddenly start to see a ton of Brightdrop trucks on the road.

GM Brightdrop electric vans are capable of up to 250 miles of range and are available through select dealers. According to the website for Rotolo Chevrolet here in Southern California, the Zevo 600 in an all-wheel-drive configuration starts at over $108,000. At that point, a $15,000 discount may just be a drop in the bucket.

Source: General Motors

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