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HUMMER EVs Can Now Be Leased For $0 Down

GM has resorted to $0-down HUMMER EV leases to boost sales. Based on dealer incentive bulletins, 2024 GMC HUMMER EVs can now be leased for no money down through June 3rd. For some shoppers, this could give the HUMMER EV a major advantage when compared to other electric trucks on the market today.

This month, all 2024 HUMMER EV leases got a zero-down option with $0 due at signing. The HUMMER SUT 2X is now listed at $1,012 for 36 months based on an MSRP of $98,849 for the all-electric truck and 10,000 miles a year. The 2X SUV can be leased for $1,132 a month, a $120 difference in the monthly payments.

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A month ago, the 2X truck was listed at $999 with $4,539 at signing for an effective cost of $1,125. It's now $113 per month cheaper than before, with the benefit of GM waiving your first month's payment. As CarsDirect reported previously, GMC introduced cheaper HUMMER leases after the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck.

As before, Cybertrucks can't be leased, giving the HUMMER EV an important advantage. Despite its high MSRP, our analysis found that a $100,000 HUMMER could be cheaper to lease than a 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning. While it certainly isn't cheap, a HUMMER EV lease could be a good deal for some shoppers.

Looking to save even more? HUMMER EVs recently became eligible for GM's military discount. The incentive is worth an additional $500 when buying or leasing. Now that GMC is waiving the first month's payment, HUMMER EV shoppers may be in a position to enjoy the best deals we've seen since the vehicle's launch.

Source: General Motors

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