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Jeep Grand Cherokee L Residual Values Aren't Great

Although the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L is poised to be the most luxurious Grand Cherokee to date, the brand's latest dealer leasing guide indicates that the SUV's residual value may not be all that much better than a Dodge Durango.

At the entry-level, the three-row Laredo trim has a 36-month residual value of 64%. While that's certainly better than the 53% residual on the 2-row Grand Cherokee Laredo, the fact is that not every style offers much of an advantage.

The Grand Cherokee L with the worst residual is the well-equipped Summit model at just 55%. Interestingly, a closer look finds that the aging Dodge Durango has a residual value as high as 60% in the case of the all-wheel-drive GT trim.

While residual values are just one factor that helps determine the cost to lease a vehicle, it's already pretty clear that the Grand Cherokee L won't be cheap to lease. We found that range-topping configurations can cost over $1,000/month.

In contrast, models like the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator continue to benefit from high residual values. In some cases, this has helped result in some unbelievable leases like a $143/month deal on the Gladiator when it was first introduced.

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