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2025 Toyota Crown Signia hybrid SUV grey color front view
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Toyota Crown Signia Costs $1 Less Than Lexus RX Hybrid

Toyota's newest hybrid can be shockingly expensive. That's because the 2025 Toyota Crown Signia will launch with no incentives whatsoever. Based on our analysis, Crown Signia buyers may find that the hybrid SUV can cost as little as $1 less than a new Lexus RX Hybrid despite a $12,000 difference in MSRP.

As CarsDirect reported last week, the Toyota Crown Signia is $8,500 more expensive than the Venza it replaces. At $44,985, the MSRP for the 2025 Crown Signia may feel like it's in Lexus territory. Interestingly, our analysis found that current offers could make a new Lexus RX Hybrid just $1 more expensive on a lease.

2025 Toyota Crown Signia back view grey color

The Crown Signia costs $790 a month per Toyota's online payment estimator based on a non-promotional rate of 9.71% for 72 months and a down payment of $2,000. With no money down, we estimate that the cheapest Crown Signa would cost $827 a month. For that kind of money, you could lease a $57,000 Lexus.

On the West Coast, the 2024 Lexus RX 350h Premium is listed at $689 for 36 months with $4,999 due at signing based on an MSRP of $57,360 and 10,000 miles a year. While it's unfair to compare a lease with a loan, those looking to get the most for their money may find this surprising given the $12,300 difference in MSRPs.

The effective cost to lease the RX Hybrid is about $828 per month. That's just $1 more than the Crown Signia's loan. While leasing may have major benefits if you're looking to change vehicles in a few years, there's also the fact that at 9.71% APR, buying a $44,985 Crown Signia could cost nearly $60,000 with interest.

If you're in the market for a Crown Signia, now may be a bad time to buy. After all, as an all-new model, you'll have to contend with the lack of incentives and the likelihood of a dealer markup. As of this writing, Toyota hasn't announced Crown Signia lease deals and doesn't even have a lease estimate yet on its website.

Sources: Toyota, Lexus

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