Car Registration »

DMV Fees: Annual Renewal Registration Late Fee Penalty Guide

It is very important to pay the DMV fees on time, before the expiration date of your car registration. California and majority of other states do not offer any grace time to car owners. Late payments of annual registration fees lead to penalties. The more you delay your renewal payment, the higher will

Paperwork and Laws »

Speeding Ticket Fines Explained

Learn more about the 4 factors that determine speeding ticket fines, and what the revenue collected by the state is used for.

License Plates »

How to Get a Veteran License Plate

A veteran license plate is a specialized type of license plate usually used by individuals who wish to show pride in their own military, national guard or reserve service, or by people who want to show their support for the nation's veterans. As with regular license plates, different states have their

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