3 Tips to Help Pass a Texas Drivers License Test

March 18, 2013

The Texas Drivers license test is divided into three parts: the knowledge and skills test, which will test your knowledge of the road rules and signs); the vision test, which will test how well you can see and if you will need any corrective lenses for safe driving; and the driving skills test, which is a practical test where you will demonstrate your driving skills. The tests are definitely daunting, and it will be very foolish if you take the tests unprepared. Here are a few tips to help you pass your Texas drivers license test.

1. Know What you will be Tested for

The cardinal rule when taking any test is to know what the tests will cover. There is a handbook available from the Texas DMV website which has the answers to the Texas drivers license test questions. Be sure to read and understand the handbook. Don't just memorize the handbook without understanding them. The purpose of the examination is not to annoy you or present an obstacle, it is to ensure that any applicant who will receive a driver's license actually knows the rules and signs on the road.

There are also numerous Texas drivers license sample tests available online. If you feel your current knowledge is inadequate, or you'd like to first practice on your own (without feeling any pressure from an actual exam), you should try answering these sample tests. They will not only give you confidence during the actual test taking procedure, you will also learn the rules and signs by heart.

2. Bring all Necessary Materials

You will only be allowed to take the driving skills test after you have presented evidence of an automobile liability insurance that covers the vehicle you will be operating. Do not forget to bring this with you at the testing center.

Additionally, the vehicle must have already passed inspection by an examiner and have a valid inspection certificate. Remember to bring these additional materials as well. If you do not have a prior license (e.g. first time to receive a license), ask someone who has a license to drive your vehicle for you. It is illegal for anyone to drive a vehicle without a license,

3. Practice

The vehicle type you will be driving during the skills test will be the same type that falls under the classification of the license you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a Class M license, you will be driving a motorcycle or a moped during your skills testing.

Because you already know what vehicle you will be tested on, you can practice beforehand on that vehicle. However, keep in mind that you first need to have an instruction permit and a licensed driver accompanying you during practice - not doing so is illegal and can get you fined.

You will be tested on the following activities. Make sure you practice them beforehand:

* parallel parking
* quick stop
* backing
* recognizing stop signs and traffic signals
* clutch use
* observance of intersections
* turns
* observance of right of way
* passing
* observance of proper lanes
* following
* posture

Good luck on your Texas drivers license test and drive safely.