4 Tips for Filling out DMV Forms

April 9, 2012

Information on the 4 most used DMV forms, and how to simplify the process of acutally completing a DMV form.

Filling Out DMV Form

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires applicants to fill out a variety of DMV forms for the different options it has to offer. You have to be careful while filling out the respective forms. Here are four tips for filling out DMV forms.

  • Fill the DMV forms online. The easiest way to fill out DMV forms is to do them online. The DMV website for each state offers an option to fill out the various DMV forms directly, using a web browser. The best thing about the forms available online is that they come with a functionality that allows you to highlight the important areas in a particular form displayed in the browser window. This helps make sure there's no mistake while filling out information.
  • Read all instructions. Whether you're filling out the DMV forms using an Internet browser or using a hard copy, it's important to make sure that you actually read all the instructions carefully. These instructions tell you the right way to fill in the various important pieces of information. Instructions are usually printed on the back of the form, and are also available with the digital copy of the form.
  • Fill in only the required details. Make sure you only fill in the specific information which is required. This is very important. Most DMV forms have a number of sections for specific information. Some of these sections are alternatives to the main information that is supposed to be provided. Many people who fill out the DMV forms commit the mistake of filling in even the alternative sections. This causes confusion, so it's important to only fill in the required pieces of information.
  • Recheck all the details. Many applicants fill out DMV forms in a hurry. This causes mistakes, which then causes confusion and delays the process for which the form was filled out in the first place. Not only is it important to fill in the various details properly, but it is also important to recheck all the details. Even the slightest mistake can cancel the forms' submission and you may have to fill out the respective forms once again.

The Most Popular DMV Forms

DMV forms can be broadly divided into license, ID and vehicle forms that include:

  • License and learner's permits. Applications for DMV exams such as a driver's license and applications for a learner's permit topped the listing at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. They were followed by requests for identification.
  • Requests for identification. The DMV answers many requests for non-driver identification cards and applications for those cards. They also answer requests for proof of identification for either registering or titling a vehicle.
  • Motor vehicle requests. Requests for online DMV forms range from applications for titling and applications for registration of vehicles to the actual titling and registration of the vehicles themselves. One of the items high on the priority list in any DMV is answering a request for a duplicate title. A lesser, but still active request, is the request for a statement of transaction to document a gift, for example.
  • Disability permit requests. The DMV is the department responsible for permanent disability license plates or disability placards.
  • Miscellaneous items. In this category are requests for changes of address, accident report forms and Medical Exam Reports for Commercial License Fitness Determinations.

DMV Forms Needed for a Duplicate Drivers License

Anyone who loses his or her driving license or damages it somehow, has to get a duplicate driver's license. You have to fill a couple of forms to get your duplicate drivers license. The forms in question in California are the DMV DL 44 and the DL 44 C.

  • The DMV DL 44. The DMV DL 44 is actually the "Driver License or Identification Card Application." It is used for obtaining a new as well as duplicate driver's license.
  • The DMV DL 44 C. In case the duplicate license is to be obtained for a commercial vehicle, you have to also fill in the DMV DL 44 C form. The Department of Motor Vehicle does not offer the DL 44 and 44 C online because they require an original signature of the applicant. They can be picked up from the DMV office and can also be ordered through mail.

DMV Form Requirements

  • Only originals. The forms when submitted to the DMV have to be submitted in their original form, no copies are accepted.
  • Parent or guardian signatures. If the duplicate drivers license is for a minor, he or she has to get his or her parents' or guardians' signatures on the DL 44. Minors are not eligible for either a new or a duplicate commercial drivers license.
  • Fees. The forms have to be submitted along with one of the fee options including regular ID card duplicate fee, a class C driver license duplicate fee, the commercial class C duplicate fee or the commercial class A or B duplicate fee. In case the duplicate driver's license is meant for a senior citizen, the DMV does not charge any fee.
  • Thumbprint. A thumbprint on the DMV forms is a component of the applicant's proof of identity
  • Validation. The DMV confirms the applicant's Social Security number, photograph and other personal information.

The duplicate drivers license or ID card is usually issued and set out in a period of 60 days.

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