California DMV Forms: Understanding Which One You Need

March 18, 2013

Almost all the California DMV forms that drivers need can be found online these days. The following are some of the most commonly used California DMV forms.

For Drivers

  • Change of Address (DL 14) - This form is used to inform the DMV about any change of residence or mailing address for the vehicle.
  • Request for Own Driver's License or Vehicle Registration Record (INF 1125) - This form is used by drivers who want to have a copy of their own driving record or their vehicle/vessel information. There is a $5-charge for every record request.
  • Traffic Accident Report (SR 1) - This form is used for any vehicular accident reported to the DMV

For Vehicles

  • Bill of Sale (REG 135) - To make a record of the transfer of ownership, the seller needs California DMV Bill of Sale. The purchaser and/or gift recipient, the cost of the vehicle or gift value, and the date of sale and/or gift should be stated on the form.
  • Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability (REG 138) - This form is needed if the title-holder of a CA registered vehicle sells or transfer title or interest in the vehicle. It should be completed and submitted to the DMV within five calendar days.
  • Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227) - This DMV form is used for duplicate title, paperless title certification, transfer of title with duplicate title and transfer of title with paperless title.
  • Application for Title or Registration (REG 343) - To register a vehicle for the first time, vehicle owners need REG 343. This form is also used if non-resident vehicles are brought to CA.
  • Driver License or Identification Card Application (DL 44) - For application, renewal or replacement of driver's license or identification card, drivers need California DMV DL 44. An original signature is needed on the form so to get this form, drivers can visit a DMV office or request for one to be sent via mail.