Everything You Need to Know About Ohio License Plates

March 18, 2013

Ohio license plates are easy to obtain and renew thanks to the online services offered by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Whether you are renewing your current plate or are new to Ohio and must re-register your vehicle, the BMV makes it easy to get your car on the road legally. Remember that Ohio requires a front license plate to be displayed on your vehicle, so if you do not have a front license plate bracket, you should have one installed to avoid tickets. Additionally, check the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles website to see if your county requires emissions inspections. If required in your county, this is another important prerequisite to getting license plates. This guide highlights how you can use the OPLATES.com to find all information relevant to Ohio license plate stickers and Ohio license plate availability.

Visiting a Deputy Registrar Office

When you first move to the state of Ohio or are putting a license plate on a particular vehicle for the first time, you must visit a local deputy registrar office in person to complete the transaction. You can find a list of local Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices online by visiting their website. When at a deputy registrar office, you can also update your driver license and get your Ohio proof of vehicle registration.

Customized and Fund-raising License Plates

If you are considering a personalized license plate, OPLATES.com allows you to check plate availability based on your preferred plate design and the lettering that you want. If you currently have a standard issue Birthplace of Aviation plate and are considering upgrading to a fund-raising plate for a special interest organization or your alma mater, you can also complete this transaction online by clicking the option to "Exchange Your Plates Online."

Renewing Your Vehicle Registration

You can also save time by renewing your license plate and getting new Ohio license plate stickers via OPLATES.com. In order to make sure you receive new registration in a timely manner, you should complete your online renewal at least ten business days before your current registration and tabs expire. If you must renew on a shorter schedule, you should visit a deputy registrar office in person. In order to renew online, your vehicle must have Ohio registration, you must own the vehicle, update your current address and county information and have a plate that, if expired, has been expired for less than six months. If your county requires an emissions check, allow at least 24 hours for the updated inspection to be listed in the OPLATES.com system.

Checking Your Plate and Registration Status

Whether you complete your registration and plate renewal process online, over the phone, via U.S. Mail or in person at a deputy registrar office, you can check the status of your request via OPLATES.com. The only information necessary to complete this check is the plate number that was renewed and the last four digits of the owner's Social Security number.

Whichever method you choose, renewing your Ohio license plate is an easy process. Just remember to allow for processing time when you submit your paperwork. Failure to do so may result in operating your vehicle with invalid registration, which could result in unneeded traffic tickets.