How to Do a California License Plate Search

March 19, 2012

As a private citizen, you'll have to do a California license plate search through the proper channels. Find out where to go.

Online Research

If you are considering investing in a vanity license plate in the state of California, you'll need to first conduct a California license plate search. When searching for California license plate availability, the DMV will scan their system for any potential duplicates. The California license plate search through DMV records will help to determine whether you can select a vanity plate for your car with a particular combination of numbers and letters, or if that plate is already in use. If you are searching for information about the owner of a particular car and their license plate registration information, you'll need to go through a different method.

Contact a Private Investigator

If you are interested in searching for further information based on a particular license plate number, you'll need to pay for a private investigation service. The easiest and most reliable way to secure this information is with the help of a private investigator. Search your local phone directory for investigators in your area and contact them for quotes and additional information.

Contact an Online Investigation Service

There are also a variety of services online that will conduct information searches based upon a license plate number. These vary dramatically in price according to the type of service and the turnaround time required. Furthermore, these services are generally considered to be less reliable than a personal private investigator.

If you have additional questions about conducting a license plate search in the state of California, contact your local DMV area office for more information.

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