How to Do a Florida License Plate Search

March 18, 2013

When you are involved in a traffic altercation you can easily do a Florida license plate search to get that information. There are many accessible online resources you can use to search through the Florida DMV records.

  • Doing a Florida license plate lookup normally involves entering in the license plate number, or alternatively the VIN number. If the resources you are using have a good database, you will be given access to the records that match your query. Oftentimes you will be provided the name of the registered owner, his or her address, the vehicle's model, make, and year, the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, and the expiration date of the tag.
  • This is quite a lot of information to store, and because of the expenses involved, many license plate lookup services will only provide extra information to subscribers who pay a premium fee. For example, some resources will give free access to a database that is two to five years old, and will ask you to pay a fee if you want a more up to date database.
  • Sometimes, resources may be supported by advertising. They can either be delivered as you browse through the results, or some even ask you to install ad-serving software to your computer. In any case, carefully weigh the costs before diving in. Be especially wary of sites that immediately ask for credit card information while purporting to be free. You may think you have found a cheap way to search for license plates online, but you might end up paying even more than what you bargained for.