How to Get Personalized Ohio License Plates

March 18, 2013

Getting personalized Ohio license plates is easy thanks to the online tools offered by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The online portal at OPLATES.COM is a useful resource for any seasoned Ohio resident or someone who just moved to the state. OPLATES.COM provides an easy system to search for and start the registration process for Ohio vanity license plates. In place of using the tools available online, you can also contact an Ohio BMV office directly with any questions. This guide highlights the most important steps when you're searching for the availability of Ohio custom license plates.

Step 1: Research Ohio License Plates

The first step to getting your personalized Ohio license plates is to determine the type of plate you want. All Ohio license plates can be personalized, whether you prefer the simple white background of the Birthplace of Aviation plate or you want a plate to support a special interest or your alma mater. By using, you can see sample designs of all Ohio license plates, and you may even see what a mock-up of your preferred vanity plate looks like. Once you determine you want a specialty plate, it's a matter of double checking that the lettering you want on your plate is available.

Step 2: Check Availability of Your Plate

Once you choose the plate design, make sure your preferred lettering is available. You can use up to seven characters on most Ohio license plates. Once you determine your preferred plate design and lettering, they must be ordered from a deputy registrar office. Before plates are printed and issued, your proposed vanity plate must be accepted by a Bureau of Motor Vehicles committee. If an inappropriate plate is accidentally printed and shipped to you, the Bureau's Registrar reserves the right to cancel your plate at any time.

Step 3: Complete Your Application

Once you have determined that your plate is available, you can complete the remainder of your transaction online if you're renewing a plate or changing from a standard Ohio plate to a vanity plate. If your vehicle has never had an Ohio license plate, you must contact a local deputy registrar office. In this case, you may submit your application in several ways. The first is to visit a deputy registrar office. When ordering a personalized plate at a deputy registrar office, you will receive a permit to operate your vehicle while the plates are manufactured. The plates will be mailed to the address on file. If you submit your application by mail, allow several weeks for the application to be processed and your new plates to be issued. If you have any questions about your application or special plates in general, you can contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at (800) 589-TAGS or (800) 589-8247.

By purchasing Ohio vanity license plates, you can help your vehicle stand out in a crowd. Personalized plates can also help you express your gratitude toward an organization and improve the pride of ownership you have in your vehicle. Be sure to contact the BMV directly if you have any questions regarding your application for Ohio custom license plates.