Ohio Car Registration for New Cars: A How to Guide

January 27, 2012

The Department of Motor Vehicle Car registration in Ohio is compulsory for all new vehicles. It is a requirement by law that all new passenger or commercial motor vehicles must be registered as the first condition of use on a public road in the State of Ohio.

  1. Whether a person received a vehicle as a gift, just recently moved to the state of Ohio or maybe bought a new car in Ohio. The first thing to do is to register the motor vehicle at the local Deputy Registry Agency in their full names in less than 30 days from the day they became  owners of the car.
  2. You must also have an Ohio car title, which is a legal form that guarantees an individual, business, or organization as the legal and rightful owner of a motor vehicle.
  3. Car dealers usually take care of all the troubles involved Ohio car title. However, people can always obtain one themselves at the County Clerk of Courts. The notarized certificate of title contains information such as the make of the car, year, engine number, personal address of owner, and purchased price.
  4. A Social Security Number or an Ohio identification card will be required except if an applicant already has a driver's license. The fees for registration of new vehicles still remain below $30(fees are subject to change). The DVM of the state of Ohio does not charge a fee for recreational vehicles and farm trucks registrations.
  5. Registration fees vary depending on the type of motor vehicle one seeks to register. In addition, the part of the state that one resides in, determines how much they will be charged.  There are also registration and Licensing charges. People registering from outside the state of Ohio will have to pay for inspection surcharge.
  6. Applicants who have met all the requirements and paid all the stipulated charges will get stickers to place on the bottom right-hand side of their rear license plates. Small charges also apply for damaged sticker and plate replacements. Ohio is one of the States car owners can not qualify for a federal tax deduction with their registration fees.

Auto Car Insurance

Auto car insurance is very important. People should look for car insurance that will work for them. The motor vehicle registration laws of the state of Ohio require car Insurance before registration. The interest rates that apply to car insurance depend on driving records. A good driving record is tantamount to a lower premium rate. Although a bad driving record does not stop one from obtaining auto car insurance, however, a driving record that shows significant traffic violations, accidents, insurance claims and citations means a higher rate.

Related Questions and Answers

Why Don't Ohio Registration Fees Qualify for Federal Tax Deductions?

Ohio registration fees are some of the lowest in the country. Many states in the nation allow you to take a tax deduction for the fees you pay for registering your vehicle. Ohio is one of the states that don't do this, however. The fees you pay registering your cars in Ohio are not tax deductible. The fee for registering your vehicle and obtaining license plates in Ohio is $4.50. You will also have to pay standard postage rates to have the plates mailed to you. If you're registering a car from out of state, there will also be a $3.50 out of state vehicle inspection fee. To see the full breakdown of fees for licensing and registration in Ohio, click here. The base fee for vehicle registration is $34.50.

Is there anything that Makes an Ohio Car Registration Different from other States?

The Ohio car registration process is a little different from the process in other states. Most states require you to show proof of liability or insurance before you will be allowed to register a vehicle. This isn't the case in Ohio. Although you will be required to have one of these prior to driving the vehicle legally. The registration fee in many states is a percentage of the purchase price, similar to a state tax on the vehicle. In Ohio, as the owner of a privately owned passenger vehicle, you will be charged a flat rate fee of $34.50 for vehicle registration. If you aren't the vehicle owner or someone with Power of Attorney, you won't be allowed to register the vehicle.