Ohio Drivers License Renewal: A How to Guide

March 18, 2013

Your Ohio drivers license renewal is easy to complete, as long as you finish the necessary paperwork before your current license expires. Whether you live in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus or Toledo, you can visit a deputy registrar office to complete necessary paperwork or to renew your license if you lost it. This Ohio drivers license renewal online guide will help you renew your license quickly and efficiently. If you have any specific questions regarding the license renewal process, be sure to contact a local Ohio.gov Bureau of Motor Vehicles deputy registrar office.

Step 1: Check Your Documentation

Before you visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office, make sure you have the necessary documentation. If you are renewing a current Ohio drivers license, you will only need to present the current license when renewing. For those who have lost their printed license but plan on renewing, both primary and secondary documentation to prove identity and legal residence in Ohio are required. The primary document must include full legal name, and secondary documents must make clear the applicant's date of birth, proof of legal United States residency and proof of an Ohio residence address. Make sure that all documents are originals, carrying the official seals and certifications from the issuing office.

Step 2: Determine Necessary Steps

If you are renewing your license before it expires, you will not be charged any late fees. If you renew your license more than 90 days ahead of its expiration date, your license will be valid for four years from the date of renewal rather than the customary four years from your birthday. Whichever way your expiration date is calculated, it will be valid for four years. You can renew your drivers license via mail or in person at a BMV office.

If your license has been expired for more than six months, you must re-apply for a temporary permit and complete necessary BMV examinations before being reissued a license or permit. If you have a medically-restricted Ohio license, the proper documentation will be sent to you ahead of the date of license expiration. This information must be completed by the proper medical contact and returned to a local BMV office. You will be issued a new license at the BMV office.

Step 3: Complete Paperwork and Pay Fees

The final step to renewing your Ohio drivers license is to file the appropriate renewal paperwork with the BMV. By renewing your license in person at a BMV office, you can take advantage of getting your new license immediately; in mid-2009 the Ohio BMV introduced an electronic licensing and laser printing system that will print your license in just a few minutes. In order to complete your renewal, you must also pay a standard $25.75 Ohio drivers license cost to renew your license. If you are renewing your license after suspension or letting it lapse for more than six month, additional fees may be involved. Contact the BMV if you have any questions in this instance.