DMV Permit Test Requirements

March 27, 2012

DMV permit test requirements in detail are state specific, but there are a few important commonalities to keep in mind.

Preparing For DMV Permit Test

Before you can qualify to test for a drivers license, you must first pass a DMV permit test. The laws involving getting your license can vary from state to state.

Written Test
Most states have a written test you must take and pass in order to get your permit, or learner's license. Some states, such as Florida, require you take a drug and alcohol course before you take your written test, so that you can be better informed of the dangers of driving under the influence, or DUI.

Driver's Education
Driver's education may not be mandatory when going out to get your permit. Some states require it, and some don't. However, if take driver's education prior to applying for car insurance, you may be entitled to a discount on your premium. Other driver's education courses give you the option to bypass the standard DMV permit test, or take a shortened version of it. Again, these rules and laws vary by state, and not all driver's education programs are accepted by a state's DMV.

Legal Vehicle
For states that require a road test to receive a permit, you will of course need a vehicle. That vehicle needs to have a valid registration, and valid insurance, but you may not have to be listed on that insurance. To be sure, check with your state's DMV.

Personal Identification
You may also be asked to present proof of citizenship, so bring some form of identification, either a Social Security card, or a birth certificate, and you'll be on your way to getting your license. Non-citizens must prove their legal status.

Remember, the best way to find out what you need is to ask your DMV. The non-profit website lists the requirements for all fifty states, and Washington D.C. Contact information for your DMV and local offices is also listed, so when you're ready you can make your appointment and start enjoying the open road.

The Best Way to Practice for the DMV Permit Test

Doing several practice tests before taking the real test will greatly improve your odds of passing the DMV permit test. Practice DMV permit test sites have examples of 100 or more questions that are likely to appear on DMV driving tests, and the answers. Online tests cover all road signs and explain in detail what each means. Driving during extreme weather conditions, and how exactly any weather related emergency on the road should be handled by the driver is all explained. The greatest emphasis of the DMV driving tests will be safe driving during heavy traffic periods, where the probability of at least a minor accident is greatest.

Online Practice DMV Permit Tests

You can take a practice test from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Test your knowledge with real questions from the California driver license exam. Use the following third-party resources for additional practice tests:

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