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1996 Dodge Stealth Overview

When the Dodge Stealth first hit the streets back in 1991, it was hailed as a supercar for the mass market, a technology-packed high-performance machine offered at a sensible price. The top-of-the-line Stealth R/T Turbo's list of features - a twin-turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering and more - looked to have been pirated from a European exotic with a 6-figure price tag. And, though short of high-tech goodies, the more basic models delivered high style for even less money. The name also provoked a fair amount of fun. This car is about as stealthy as a cheetah at a cat show. But the shape is incredibly sexy and undeniably unique. Nevertheless, this car's position in the competitive environment has changed. Today's Stealth has crept up the cost ladder to the point where it is beyond the reach of many would-be buyers. Moreover, some of its more exotic fitments - among them the 4-wheel steering - have been superseded by other, simpler stability-enhancing chassis components. In fact, 4-wheel steering has all but disappeared from the few brands that ever offered it. Judging by buyer response, it was a high-tech answer to a question no one ever asked. All-wheel drive and turbocharging have lost some of their luster as well; the number of automobile manufacturers offering or even considering the use of such devices has declined dramatically in the last few years. None of which should be taken to mean that today's Stealth is lacking in appeal. Performance is performance, no matter how it is produced, and the Stealth's eye-catching shape, well-conceived at the start, still draws attention. And, as always, it is difficult to find fault with the amenities provided. Even if the state of the performance-car art has changed, Dodge's Mitsubishi-built supercoupe generally delivers what its exciting looks seem to promise. The model we tested was an R/T Turbo equipped with leather seats, 18-in. chrome wheels and a CD player, all of which brought the sticker price to $41,115.