2022 marks the end. Reports indicate that 2022 will be the end of the line for the EcoSport. Once Ford’s cheapest vehicle, the subcompact SUV has struggled to find its place in the segment, despite the growing popularity of smaller SUVs. While the EcoSport’s middling sales figures helped Ford reach the decision, a large part of the move is because the automaker decided to close down its plant in India where the EcoSport is built.

Easy to drive. One of the EcoSport’s largest strengths is its compact size. By modern standards, the SUV is tiny. It’s 161.3 inches long and 71.9 inches wide. Those measurements make the EcoSport easy to drive in all areas, including tight city roads.

For 2022, Ford has made all-wheel drive standard on the EcoSport. For consumers that live in areas with inclement weather, this means the EcoSport is ready to tackle poor weather straight from the dealership. The all-wheel-drive system also gives the EcoSport light off-roading capability for dirt trails.

Great optional infotainment system. We can’t recommend upgrading to the available SYNC 3 infotainment system enough. The base system in the EcoSport is a dull 4.2-inch display that feels like it’s from a different century. While the standard Wi-Fi hot spot and six-audio speaker system are nice to see, the display’s graphics are outdated.

The available SYNC 3 infotainment system that’s standard on the SE trim and above includes an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and satellite radio. SYNC 3 is a far more impressive infotainment system, featuring a modern display, crisp graphics, and physical controls. You can also spring for a 10-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system, navigation, and an HD Radio, but these aren’t worth the extra money.

Neither sporty nor efficient. The EcoSport may have the words “Eco” and “Sport” in its name, but it’s neither. For 2022, the SUV is only available with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 166 horsepower. It’s not a sprightly engine and the EcoSport struggles to get up to highway speeds. Passing takes a lot of patience and planning. At lower speeds, the EcoSport’s engine does an average job of getting the SUV down the road, but it’s not much better.

Having an underpowered engine is one thing, but the EcoSport’s ride is something that will upset a lot of shoppers. The spongy suspension and top-heavy design result in a large amount of body roll around corners. When not cornering, the EcoSport has a harsh ride that translates small imperfections on the road to passengers.

The EPA hasn’t come out with official fuel economy figures for the 2022 model year yet, but without any changes, we think the SUV will have the same fuel economy figures as last year. The EcoSport with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with all-wheel drive is rated at up to 25 mpg combined. With subcompacts like the Nissan Kicks (33 mpg combined), Hyundai Kona (32 mpg combined), and Kia Seltos (31 mpg combined) getting far better fuel economy, one has to wonder why the EcoSport is so inefficient.

Mixed interior space. With its tall design, the EcoSport has one of the larger cargo areas in the subcompact class. The SUV offers up to 20.9 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats. Folding those down opens cargo space up to 50 cubic feet. While these are spacious figures for the class, the EcoSport has a frustrating swing-out liftgate that opens to the side instead of up. This makes loading cargo when parking in front of a vehicle, wall, or immovable object impossible.

The front seats are the best ones in the EcoSport. While the seating position is upright, the seats are decently comfortable. The room in the rear seats is tight, even for the class. Fitting three people in the back is a squeeze, as two people will be far more comfortable. There is a good amount of rear legroom and headroom for the class, though.

Vehicles like the EcoSport are built to fit into a budget. Before the introduction of the Maverick pickup truck, the EcoSport was the most affordable vehicle in Ford’s lineup. The main drawback with that is that the SUV feels cheap. With ugly plastics and rough materials, the EcoSport doesn’t have the same upscale feel as some of its other competitors.

Final thoughts. The 2022 Ford EcoSport is not a good SUV, especially when you consider all of the new options in the class. The SUV’s tiny size and large cargo area are the only things in its favor. You can find both in much better options.

For example, the Kia Soul is a funky box on wheels with a spacious interior and up to 62.1 cubic feet of cargo space. The Soul is available with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, modern safety features, and a 201-horsepower turbocharged engine.

For a more upscale option, there’s the Mazda CX-30. Beyond having a stunning design, the CX-30 has a high-end interior, athletic handling, a 250-horsepower turbocharged engine, and a standard 8.8-inch display.

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