Competitive range. Coming off its hotly-anticipated debut as an all-new electric SUV, the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E adds slightly more battery capacity for the new year. While it seems like a small change, range for the Mach-E should go up, though the EPA hasn’t released its official figures yet.

The standard battery pack grows in size from 68 to 70 kWh of usable capacity, while the available extended range pack increases from 88 to 91 kWh. Ford claims that the EPA won’t be retesting the 2022 Mach-E, so the electric SUV will still carry the same 305-mile range as before for the California Route 1 trim with rear-wheel drive.

The extra battery capacity, though, should result in more real-world range. We expect entry-level models to offer around 215 miles of range, while Mach-E SUVs with the larger optional battery pack should be able to travel more than 310 miles. Of course, you could see better figures based on your driving style and since Ford isn’t providing an estimate, we’re left guessing at what kind of range the 2022 Mach-E will actually have.

Electrifying performance. Thanks to its electric powertrain, the Mach-E has impressive performance. Even the slowest Mach-E, which is the California Route 1 trim with the extended range battery and rear-wheel drive can get to 60 mph from a standstill in 6.1 seconds. Opt for the range-topping GT Performance Edition with the extended range battery pack and all-wheel drive for a zero-to-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds.

The Mach-E may not have the same sound as the regular Mustang V8’s engine, but the electric crossover’s straight-line performance is undeniably impressive. Around corners, the Mach-E doesn’t handle with the same verve as its two-door counterpart, but it’s still an exciting vehicle. With RWD, the Mach-E performs similarly to a large sports sedan, with capable handling. AWD brings extra grip in addition to all-weather versatility. The GT Performance Edition is the real performer in the lineup, adding sticky summer tires, adaptive suspension, and upgraded brakes.

While the Mach-E’s ride is relatively firm for an electric SUV, it smooths out on the open road. The available MagneRide adaptive suspension brings extra usability to cater the ride to your own preference.

Intelligently-packaged cabin. Despite having a sporty, aggressive design, Ford’s engineers have managed to design a cabin that provides a generous amount of space for up to four adults. The Mach-E may have five seats, but the middle seat in the back is more comfortable for a child. Still, with supportive, cushioned seats, the Mach-E has a cabin that’s nice for a long drive. Additionally, the cabin remains quiet, which isn’t a given with electric cars.

The Mach-E has a decent amount of cargo space for an electric SUV. There are 29.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats and a total of 59.7 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded. The front trunk, a hallmark on any EV, has up to 4.7 cubic feet of cargo space. It also has a drain to act as a make-shift cooler or an area for messy gear.

Loads of useful tech. Sliding into the Mach-E’s cabin reveals a massive 15.5-inch touchscreen that’s located smack-dab in the middle of the dashboard. It’s oriented vertically, which could take some time to get used to, but it’s easy to use and has straightforward, simple menus that are easy to access. While Ford has included a large dial for the audio system, the majority of other controls are accessed through the infotainment system, which can be difficult to use on the go.

In keeping with the modern theme, the Mach-E has a 10.2-inch screen that acts as a digital instrument cluster. The gauge cluster displays important information like range, battery charge level, and speed. It’s a sleek, modern way to display pertinent info.

Ford’s BlueCruise system may sound oddly similar to General Motors’ Super Cruise system. There’s a good reason for that — they do incredibly similar things. In the Mach-E, BlueCruise offers hands-free driving on approximately 100,000 miles of mapped highways in North America. For consumers that go on long road trips or have long commutes, BlueCruise can be a helpful feature.

A true Mustang? Ford knew exactly what it was doing when it introduced the Mach-E. The automaker leveraged the name of its most iconic model to increase interest and stir up some controversy. It was a bold marketing plan that worked for Ford.

Despite having similar styling cues to the Mustang, the Mach-E is not a Mustang. It’s not even related to the Mustang in any way. Knowing this before researching the Mach-E is key because it’s a good electric car, but it’s not a Mustang.

Final thoughts. It might seem blasphemous for Ford to use the Mustang name on an electric crossover, but the Mach-E certainly sends the nameplate into a new direction. The EV also manages to be an excellent blend of performance, range, tech, and comfort to be one of the better electric SUVs on sale.

The Mach-E’s main competitor is the Tesla Model Y. It has up to 330 miles of range, can seat up to seven, and has a zero-to-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds. The Model Y can be recharged at one of Tesla’s vast network of fast chargers. For a less sporty option, there’s the Volkswagen ID.4. It has 250 miles of range, has a more affordable price tag, and offers more cargo space.

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