Ford Taurus

2019 ford taurus

The Ford Taurus is no longer available new.

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The Ford Taurus continues to act as the American automaker's sole entry in the full-size sedan segment. Having soldiered on without signification changes for roughly 10 years, the Taurus is a relic in a field that has seen competitors create a sizable gap with more luxury and technology features. With Ford going all in on SUVs and crossovers, production for the Taurus is set to officially end on March 2019, making the 2019 model one of the last for the Taurus nameplate.

2008 - 2019 Ford Taurus

3/4 Front Glamour 2008 Ford Taurus

The front-wheel or all-wheel drive Taurus includes a new 263 hp 3.5-liter V6 engine and six speed automatic transmission for improved power and fuel economy. It also gets a new chrome grille, new tail lamps and rear fascia, new chrome exterior accents and mirrors, better sound insulation, and revisions to the suspension. Ford's industry exclusive... Read more »

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2000 - 2006 Ford Taurus

3/4 Front Glamour 2000 Ford Taurus

Generation four of Ford's Taurus goes out of its way to undo the loopie stylistic oddities of generation three. The basic form of the all-new 2000 Taurus is sleek and fresh. The foregoing model's fixation with ovals, ovals, ovals is replaced by an attractive contemporary appearance that confidently leads the way to Ford's future. But... Read more »

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1996 - 1999 Ford Taurus

null 1996 Ford Taurus

A decade ago, the Ford Taurus was a controversial car and a big gamble for its builder. Its aerodynamic exterior was a total departure from anything else being built in Detroit at the time. By today's standards, that same shape looks conservative and familiar. And so once again, Ford is taking a big chance in... Read more »

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