4 Best Hybrid Car Batteries

October 31, 2013

The most popular car models in the market these days are fueled by the nickel metal hybrid car batteries. Some of the upcoming models, on the other hand, are expected to use the lightweight and high density, next generation lithium ion batteries. The factors that define how good a battery is include its performance, the ease of battery disposal as well as the frequency of battery replacement. Here is a close look at the 4 best hybrid car batteries being used is some of the best hybrid car models.

The battery that fuels the latest model of the Toyota Prius has a total of 28 prismatic modules from Panasonic, with a total of 168, 1.23 volt cells in each module that can produce a total of 201 volts together. The discharge power capability of the battery is 20 kW at a 50 % charge. The battery’s power discharge increases at high temperatures and decreases at lower ones. It is one of the most efficient nickel metal hybrid car batteries being used today.

The Toyota Highlander uses one of the best hybrid car batteries with 240 cells delivering 288 volts, which is converted into 500 volts by a boost converter. It is 18 percent smaller than the one used in the Toyota Prius, but is 40 percent more powerful. Each one of the battery’s module has a dedicated system for cooling control, which helps to avoid efficiency losses caused by excessive heat, thereby ensuring a constant power supply. It is one of the most efficient nickel metal hybrid car batteries being used today.

The Ford Escape uses one of the most popular hybrid car batteries manufactured by Sanyo. It has 250 cells, each one as big as a D size battery used in a flashlight. Each one of the cells produces 1.3 volts and is securely contained in a casing made of stainless steel. Five cells are combined together to form of a module. The battery has a total of 50 modules, producing a total of 330 volts.

The Honda Insight uses one of the most efficient nickel metal hybrid batteries. It contains a total of 120, 1.2 Volt D size cells, manufactured by Panasonic. It offers a 100A discharge with a charge rate of 50A each. The total power output offered by the battery is a total of 144 volts. It is designed to last really long and offer optimum performance at all temperatures. In fact the battery system of the Honda Insight is designed to extend the battery’s life by limiting the usable capacity to 4ah.

The Saturn Vue uses a 36-volt car battery counted among one of the best nickel metal hydride hybrid car batteries in Cobasys. The battery is designed to deliver as well as receive an upward of 14.5 kW of optimum power. The battery is designed to work with the hybrid battery system to generate a total accessory power of 12-volt and receive enough power that cab help with the charging of the cells that make up its modules.

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