How Much Do Electric Car Batteries Cost

October 31, 2012
electric car batteries on wheels

The price of different electric car batteries varies depending on the size and type of battery you want. All batteries are rechargeable and last for about 7 years, so you will not have to worry about electric car battery cost very often. Most expenses associated with your electric car's battery will be for recharging. Since this technology is relatively new, there are not many electric car battery companies that only produce batteries for electric cars, so you should search for this type of battery at electric car manufacturers. Different batteries will be priced differently based on the size of the batteries and the materials they are made from.

Size and Materials

The cheapest variety of battery available for electric cars is made of lead and can go from $100 to $140, depending on the battery's size. This type of battery has to be recharged about once every 150 miles. The most expensive material to use in a car battery is lithium. Lithium batteries for electric cars can go for anywhere between $500 and $650, but they only have to be recharged every three hundred miles. They also last longer than any other type of battery for an electric car. There are many sizes available for each type of battery, and smaller sizes are usually cheaper with a lower energy capacity. Other materials commonly used to make electric car batteries include nickel and metal hydride, NiCd, zinc and molten salt. These other materials are much less commonly used than lead-acid and lithium ions or polymers. Lead batteries also weigh the most.

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