The Best Electric Car Plans for Auto Conversion

October 31, 2012
electric car plug covered in grass

If you plan to convert your vehicle that runs on gas, to an electric automobile, you require electric car plans and electric car kits to work with. Many individuals prefer to convert their vehicles to electric cars as there are many advantages that come with the conversion. An electric car avoids expensive gas bills and benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, an electric car is easier to maintain and you can personally convert your vehicle to save more money.

Electric Car Conversion

New electric vehicles (EV) are more expensive. You may however, convert your own vehicle to an EV with the help of an EV conversion kit and a guide. Since the electric car conversion kit works better on certain vehicle types, it's advisable to read the guide to find out if your vehicle has the capacity to store battery power that matches your driving requirements.

Electric Car Parts

To obtain the best prices and information on electric car parts and auto conversion plans, visit or Evolve Electrics online. In addition there are several guides and plans offered on the website such as Electric Conversion Made Easy and Electricity4Gas. You will learn step by step procedures to convert your vehicle and obtain the best performance by using the correct batteries and tools.

Lithium Batteries

It's important to remember that lithium batteries increase the range of travel. As a general guideline, most cars are capable of traveling a range of 25 to 35 miles. However, lithium batteries can increase this range up to 3 times. Instead of personally converting your car to an EV you may prefer to have a trained mechanic carry out the conversion to ensure safety and reliability.

It's advisable to do a little research and shop around for automobile parts and accessories to get the best deal. Since EV conversion kits increase the life of your engine you will be able to drive your car for a long time.