Thinking About Using B5 Biodiesel Fuel? What to Know

October 31, 2012

There are several things for you to learn about B5 biodiesel before you decide whether or not it is something you should be using. You will find that the more that you know about this, the more you will be able to get out of it should you decide to use it.


There are several different types of blends of biodiesel. You will find that each one is marked with a B and a number beside of it. B5 is one of the types of biodiesel that actually has very little biodiesel in it. The lower the amount of biodiesel in the percentage, the less economically friendly it is. While it is not usually recommended to use biodiesel in its pure form, as it will take a lot more work and maintenance, it is possible. 

B5 Biodiesel Stations

While it may seem bad to see such a low percentage of biodiesel in B5, you will find that it is actually recommended. It is rare that you will be able to use a percentage higher than B5 in your vehicle without causing problems. B5 can safely be used in all diesel tanks. This means that B5 biodiesel stations are much more common than you may think. 

B5 Biodiesel Prices

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to biodiesel is that it is one of the more expensive types of fuel out there. This means that B5 biodiesel prices are something that can override all of its advantages. However, the safety aspect and the fact that is biodegradable definitely counts for something.

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