Jaguar XJ

2019 jaguar xj

The Jaguar XJ is no longer available new.

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The 2019 Jaguar XJ envelops passengers in luxury, which is par for the course. What's unique about the XJ is its gorgeous styling and athletic handling characteristics. The XJ may be a modern sedan, but it exudes an old-school aura that capitalizes on Jaguar's rich heritage. Opting for the available V8 engine brings a muscular aural note and feel to the sedan that's uncommon for the segment.

2011 - 2019 Jaguar XJ

3/4 Front Glamour 2011 Jaguar XJ

The XJ is built on a light and strong all-aluminum structure. Three regular wheelbase trims are available; XJ, XJ Supercharged, and XJ Supersport. Three long wheelbase trims are also available; XJL, XJL Supercharged, and XJL Supersport. Three variations of the new 5.0-liter V8 are available; a 385-hp naturally aspirated, a 470-hp supercharged, or a 510-hp... Read more »

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2003 - 2009 Jaguar XJ

3/4 Front Glamour 2003 Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ series is all new for 2004. Jaguar's flagship luxury sedans are bigger than last year's models, and offer roomier, more comfortable cabins. The XJ8, Vanden Plas, and XJR are faster, safer, and more fuel-efficient than before. Sleek, sensual, lithe, agile, elegant are just a few of the many positive words used to... Read more »

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