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2025 Active 4dr 4x2
2025 Active 4dr 4x4
2025 ST-Line 4dr 4x2
2025 ST-Line 4dr 4x4
2025 Platinum 4dr 4x2
2025 Platinum 4dr 4x4
2025 ST 4dr 4x2
2025 ST 4dr 4x4
2024 Base 4dr 4x2
2024 XLT 4dr 4x2
2024 Base 4dr 4x4
2024 XLT 4dr 4x4
2024 ST-Line 4dr 4x2
2024 Limited 4dr 4x2
2024 ST-Line 4dr 4x4
2024 Timberline 4dr 4x4
2024 Limited 4dr 4x4
2024 ST 4dr 4x2
2024 ST 4dr 4x4
2024 King Ranch 4dr 4x2
2024 Platinum 4dr 4x2
2024 King Ranch 4dr 4x4
2024 Platinum 4dr 4x4
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