6 Tips on How to Sell a Car with a Bad Transmission

March 7, 2012

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle you can sell a car with bad transmission or other major issue. If your car reaches a point when the major repair costs more than the actual value of the car, you need to sell it. Some major problems include a blown engine, leaky gasket head or transmission failure. You cannot just sell the car without disclosing the actual problem as there are laws in place to help protect the buyer.

  • Sell the Car yourself: You should sell a junk car yourself. You will get more money this way than by going to a car dealer or trading it in. Many people will be interested in this type of car for the parts or want to restore the car. Make sure you are honest with the problems. You can easily avoid issues by selling the car “as is”. With a bad transmission the car can be called a fixer upper or mechanic’s special.
  • Describing the Car: When selling the car yourself have paperwork about the major work that has been done on the car and let the potential buyer know what major or minor problems there might be. Make sure any ad you place in the classifieds, papers or online have details about why the car is not currently operational.
  • Determining the Price: Someone that is buying your car to drive it will end up having the transmission fixed themselves. A good way to determine the price is to figure out what the car value would be if it were in fair condition and then be aware that you will probably have to lower the price as your car is really in poor condition. If the transmission is the only problem than you may be able raise the price a bit.
  • Checking Out Junkyards: An additional option is go to a local junkyard or local junk removal company. Many of these companies will actually offer you a decent price as they can make a profit on the metal when the car is compressed. The price can be deducted from your taxes and the paperwork is quick.
  • Watch Out for the Auto Lemon Laws: There is a lemon law that was passed to protect consumers if they buy a car and it turns out to have a major mechanical issue that was not disclosed when the car was purchased. The laws are different depending on your state of residence. The general idea of the lemon law is that if a car is found to be defective or has a major issue then the buyer is entitled to a full refund or a complete replacement vehicle. This law also applies to used cars as well though it is not as severe.
  • Approach a Used Auto Parts Garage: You should check the telephone book to find a garage that sells second hand parts as they may be interested in purchasing your entire car just for the parts. In this case the bad transmission is not an issue as the car will be taken apart and is not meant for driving.
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