Best Way to Sell a Car in the Bay Area: 4 Tips to Consider

January 27, 2012

There are so many ways to sell a car in the Bay Area, but you might be wondering which ways could be most effective. It's likely you want to sell your car as quickly as possible, so you're going to want to get as much attention as you can. Depending upon whether you want options that are free, or you'd be willing to spend a little bit to place a quality advertisement, you have several options.

1. For Sale Sign

The first thing you may want to do to sell a car in the Bay Area is place a for sale sign in your back or side window. These signs can be purchased for a fairly cheap price at your local hardware store or all-purpose department store. If you drive or shop frequently or can park your car in a high-traffic spot, you should get quite a bit of attention. Put your contact info on the sign and a price. People will be more likely to call if they have a general idea of how much you're asking for the vehicle.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist is an extremely popular classifieds website that is viewed heavily by people all over the country. A very easy way to sell a car in the Bay Area is to list your vehicle specifics in the for sale section of this site. Posting to Craigslist is absolutely free. To sell a car in California, you would choose that state from the list. You'll then be provided with more specific options. You can choose to list and sell the car in San Francisco or be more specific and choose the SF Bay Area option. While you are sure to receive lots of calls or emails for any listing for a vehicle for sale, you'll have even more luck if you post a photo of the vehicle with your listing. People are more apt to find interest if they can see what the vehicle looks like before they call with inquiries. Also be sure to list the car's condition, any extras, the price and your contact info. 

3. Auto Trader

Auto Trader magazine and online website is a more specific way to sell a car in the Bay Area. Unlike Craigslist, Auto Trader does charge a fee for listing a vehicle for sale, but you'll get a professional listing in both the print magazine and the website, depending upon which package you decide to purchase. Auto trader magazine is displayed in many local convenience store, grocery and other high-traffic locations. This company also offers specific attention to people buying and selling vintage and collector cars.

4. Local Newspaper Classifieds

You could choose to sell a car in the Bay Area by placing a classified listing in your local newspaper. Many times, newspaper classifieds offer free listings for items under a certain price, or listings under a certain number of words. Check the rates listed in the classified section of the paper, or call for more info. You may have the option to post in the online newspaper classifieds as an added benefit.