Best Ways to Sell a Car Yourself: Maximize Your Profit

January 27, 2012

If you are looking to sell car yourself, you might be surprised by the different tricks of the trade that will yield the biggest profit. Sometimes you just want to get rid of a car, sure, but most of us want to at least make a decent amount of money from it as well. If that is the case for you, have no fear. Read the tips below to get a lot of money for your automobile.

Highlight Key Features

Whenever you start putting ads out for your car, you need to be sure that you promote the best features of it. For instance, low mileage cars sell really well because they usually don't have as many problems. If your car has low miles on it, emphasize that in your ad. Also mention if you have recently replaced any vital parts, like the tires or brakes. People like  thinking they won't have to do any work on the car, and they'll pay more money if they know that.

Sell on the Internet

A lot of people don't realize that there is a huge venue for selling cars on the Internet. When you sell car online, you have access to a huge audience that you wouldn't get otherwise. With places like eBay and Craigslist, you could literally be selling your car to someone around the world if the situation presented itself. You need to be careful with scams in this regard, but don't ignore a customer who is far away. They could genuinely want your vehicle and be willing to pay a lot of money to get it from you.

Put a Sign in the Window

You'd be surprised by how many potential buyers you could get by just putting a for sale sign in your car's window. This is free advertising that you might as well take advantage of if you sell car privately. If you can park the car some place that faces the street, do that throughout the day with the sign in place. Then when people drive by, they can know to pull up, look at the car and potentially give you a call about it. Be sure to put the mileage, asking price and contact information on the sign so people will be most likely to show interest

Determine Your Asking Price

When you sell car by owner, it is your job to come up with the initial asking price. First check out what your car is worth in the Kelley Blue Book or NADA listing. Once you know that, you should mark your car on the higher end of the range. You want to start off a bit high because people are always going to want to haggle you down. If you put your car up for $24,000 and you only really expect to get $22,000 from it, you can leave yourself a little room for movement. If you don't get any responses, your price could be a hair too high. Mark it down and let people know it's reduced. Then see what happens.