How to Sell a BMW: Marketing and Pricing Tips for a Fast Profitable Sale

January 27, 2012

If you're interested in trying to sell BMW vehicles or parts, you'll need to take advantage of certain aspects of the auto market in order to have the most success selling them as quickly as possible and for the most money. When you sell luxury cars like BMWs, the value of the car is determined by several different factors, including its condition, the exact year and model, the current auto market and more. One of the most important parts of the process of selling a BMW is familiarizing yourself with this information so that you're able to price the vehicle as competitively as possible. Marketing the car is also extremely important. Read on for tips on how to accomplish both of these tasks.

Step 1 - Calculate the BMW Resale Value

Begin by assessing the condition of your vehicle. If you're familiar with BMW cars, look on a site like Kelley Blue Book for a breakdown of characteristics of vehicles in various conditions. Compare your car to the list there and then look up your particular vehicle on the site in order to find an estimated resale value. If you're less confident in your abilities to do this, ask a mechanic or other professional for assistance.

Step 2 - Phrase Your Ads Carefully

Think about how to best sell your car. As a luxury vehicle, your target demographic will likely be different from the market that you might sell a lower quality vehicle to. Your advertisements should reflect that. Do not exaggerate the attributes of the car, and do not lie about the vehicle, but think of which attributes of the vehicle you can highlight to make it seem both an extraordinary value and also to make it stand out from similar cars. Some examples of attributes that work well include low mileage, warranty protection and add-on amenities.

Step 3 - Find Suitable Places to Advertise

If no one knows that your vehicle is for sale, it will be very difficult to sell it, no matter what the condition of the car is. Take advantage of as many different advertising channels as possible:

  • List the car in classified ads in your local newspapers
  • Post flyers and posters on bulletin boards and in other places around your community
  • Advertise the vehicle online on sites like Ebay, Craigslist and more

The more exposure that you can have for your car, the more likely you're going to find a suitable buyer quickly. What's more, many of these advertising options are very inexpensive or even free, keeping your costs down.

Once you've found a suitable customer, you'll need to be prepared to negotiate. Standing too firm on the price of the vehicle may cause you to lose that customer. Still, don't sell the vehicle for less than you think is reasonable.