How to Sell a Car for Scrap Metal and Parts: 4 Tips You Can't Ignore

March 28, 2014

If you have a hunk of junk sitting in your driveway that you no longer want, you may want to sell car scrap metal to earn a bit of money off it. This isn't as simple as driving it to the junk yard and getting a check though. There is a delicate process involved. Below are four tips to consider so you make your selling process a lot smoother.

Tip 1 - Remove Everything from the Body

If you are going to sell your car for just scrap metal, you will need it to be clean of everything but the metal. That means removing all of the fluids and wires inside. Drain everything you can think of, and have it flushed out if you know someone who can do that. You should also take out the seats, radio, engine, oil pan, steering column and just about anything else you can think of. You need to just have metal on the car left and nothing else. Most scrap places won't accept cars that are not stripped.

Tip 2 - Take Care of the Parts You Sell

When you remove the actual parts of the car to sell, be sure to move them carefully. Parts like the engine, wheels, transmission and brakes can all be sold as parts instead of metal. You'll make a lot more money with them going down that route, so be sure that you assess what you can sell and carefully store it while the body of the car turns to scraps. Anything salvageable from the interior and under the hood could lead to profits.

Tip 3 - Understand the Value of Your Parts

You need to figure out your car scrap value ahead of time so you know you are getting a good deal. You could try looking up other parts for sale online similar to yours and see what they are going for. You could also call different junkyards in the state to see how much they would pay for the parts you have. If there are a lot of different prices floating around, you can at least learn where to take your parts to from that phone call.

Tip 4 - Know Where to Sell Your Parts

If you have a lot of sellable parts parts from your car, you can sell them yourself for good money. For instance, you may be able to sell car scrap on eBay, or post an ad for your parts on Craigslist. Local buyers can see what you have for sale and call you about it. You can haggle sales from there and hopefully make a lot of money from the deal. If you get a good idea of the worth for the parts from the quotes you can work in tip 3. From those, you can post your parts for sale at a reasonable price. If you mark it high, put "or best offer" as an option and you may get someone to produce a logical bid.

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