How to Sell a Car for Someone Else

January 27, 2012

If you don't know how to sell a car, it may be wise to have someone else more experienced try and sell it for you. You may be just an average consumer and not sure about all of the ins and outs about your car. There are experts who are in the field who can definitely sell your car for you, and hopefully get the most money out of it. You know they will try to get the most because they will likely be taking a percentage of commission out of the sale, so the more the car sells for, the more cut out of the profit they will get. Having someone sell an item for you, such as a car, is often known as consignment, and is a very popular option for many items.

Step 1: Transfer Car Title

The most important step may be step one. First, you need to transfer the car title to the seller. To do so, you first need to clear the title of any liens you may have on the vehicle. This means that if you owe any money on the car, you will want to pay it off, whether it be for a loan to the bank, or to the car dealership. Next, sign the title, as well as date it, and add the mileage to the document. Now the title can be transferred into the new person's name, who will then be allowed to sell it freely for you. You are now no longer liable for the car.

Step 2: Avenues for Sales

After you found the person to sell your car, there are many avenues to sell your car. If you need quick money, your best may be going to eBay Motors, or by posting your car on a cars classified site. If you have a dealer sell your car, they may be able to get you onto the CarsDirect listings page, which is a great listing tool. eBay Motors is another option as you can have your car be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and for a fairly low price as well. Your first listings are free, so if you are only selling one car, there will be no insertion fee, or fee to actually list the item. If it sells, then a successful listing fee will be charged, which depends on the ending price. If it is under $2,000.00, then the fee is $60.00. If the car ends for over $2,000.00, then the fee will be $125.00. If you aren't in a big rush for money, you can have your car sit at the dealer's lot, whether it be a big dealership, or a local used car salesman. They may charge you a fee to keep the car in their lot, or they may take a percentage based on the amount of time it was there. This is the option that will likely yield the most money in your pocket. However, this option also likely takes the longest as their is not as many potential buyers than there are on the Internet.

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