How to Sell a Car in Chicago: Laws, Paperwork and Methods to Consider

January 27, 2012

If you want to sell a car in Chicago, there are many things you should know first. There are specific laws and paperwork to consider, and there are many different ways to go about selling your car. Which way is the best for you? This article will tell you how to go about selling your car in Chicago.

Methods to Consider

Today, there are many effective ways to advertise a car for sale. For starters, you can run an ad in a local newspaper. The Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times both have auto sections where you can advertise a car for sale. Many people are now turning to Craigslist or eBay to sell their cars; both sites can be organized by region, so Chicago buyers will know where to find your ad. A lot of people prefer to just take their car to Carmax, where they will buy your used car from you. If you want to auction your car, is an auction site that is an alternative to eBay. It has a page for cars in Chicago, specifically. If you really want to be old-fashioned about it, though, you can always post your car for sale at the local supermarket bulletin board.

Selling a Junk Car in Chicago

Selling a junk car can seem like a daunting task, but in Chicago there are many options available. There are many salvage yards in Chicago; simply call around and try to get quotes for your junk car. Provide as many details as possible so you can get a more accurate quote. Once you have decided which salvage yard to sell your car to, make sure you remove all of your belongings from the car, and make sure you get a copy of the title transfer and a receipt.

Laws and Paperwork

Always remember that in Chicago, it is against city ordinances to put a "For Sale" sign in the window of your car. You can get a ticket for doing so. Instead, use one of the methods of sale listed above. They are far more effective and will open you up to a bigger pool of possible buyers, anyway. Also, whenever selling a car in Chicago—or anywhere, for that matter—make sure you complete all of the necessary paperwork. You will need your pink slip and your title. Make sure you sign the title over to whomever you sell your car to. If you don't, it means you are still responsible for the car. Always give the buyer a receipt, and always keep a copy of the receipt for yourself. This is good advice for any larger purchase, automotive or otherwise.

Selling your car in Chicago can be a complicated process, so it is important that you know what to expect before you begin. It is also necessary to know the local laws and get all of the necessary paperwork in order. This article will help you get started.

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