How to Sell Toyota Cars

January 27, 2012

Before you sell a Toyota, research how to make the process as quick and easy as possible while still making as much money as you can. While the fastest and easiest way to sell a used car is to go to a dealership, dealers have to make money from the cars they buy, so the trade in price will be lower than the Toyota resale value. This means you can make more money if you sell a used Toyota to a private buyer rather than to a dealer.

Since the appearance of your Toyota will make a big difference in how much people will be willing to pay for it, the first thing you should do is clean. Take all the trash out from the floor, glove box and seats, and vacuum those areas. Use a damp rag to dust the dashboard, and window cleaning solution to wipe down the windows. If there are any stains, use car carpet cleaner to remove them as much as you can. Wash the exterior with soap and water, and wax it to keep it looking clean and shiny.

To determine how much you should ask for your car, research used Toyotas in similar condition at Kelley Blue Book. Also, go to a mechanic and have the vehicle checked for any mechanical problems. Keep the receipt as proof of the car's condition.

Create a website with photographs and descriptions of your Corolla to make them easily accessible to the public. Post an ad on craigslist and in your local newspaper with a reference to this website. Advertise selling points such as aftermarket additions, complete maintenance records, or low mileage. You can also post fliers on telephone poles around town and make a sign for the window of the car.

There are some forms you will be legally required to have in order to sell a car. Among these are the title, your registration, a bill of sale or vehicle transfer form, a release of liability form and an up to date emissions certification. You can get most of these from the DMV.

When negotiating with potential buyers, make sure to start the price higher than you expect them to pay so you have room for bargaining. Use any receipts you have from your mechanic as proof the car has been looked over by a professional, and encourage people to look up the car's VIN number.

The process of selling a used car can be quick and easy if you use your time efficiently and stay organized. Also, by taking care to be as thorough as possible in preparing the car and advertising it is for sale, you can maximize the profit.

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