Sell SUV: How to Sell an SUV Fast

April 9, 2012

Learn how create a listing in the Sell SUV section of online classifieds and auction sites that get the highest response rate.

Man Driving SUV

Not everyone is able to sell SUV, truck and automotive vehicles fast, but you need not negotiate a low selling price. As a seller, you need to make sure the vehicle appears to be in good condition even if it's an older model. To start, wash, polish and wax the car yourself, or get it done professionally. Once this is done, you need to start advertising your SUV for sale.

Selling Your SUV

To determine the sale price of your SUV, research the Kelley Blue Book and the NADAguides to compare the actual value of your car. Also, look up used car listings on several websites to find out the price offered by other sellers, for the same vehicle type. Remember that the Kelley Blue Book sale price doesn't take into consideration the vehicle's condition. Adjust your sale price accordingly, to make sure it sells quickly.

The easiest and quickest way to sell your SUV is to contact several dealers in your area. Make sure you obtain quotes from at least three dealers to find out which offers the best price. Most dealers will inspect the vehicle, test drive it and offer you a price. Although this is the fastest option, you don't necessarily have to sell it to a dealer if you aren't satisfied with the quote offered.

Some dealers offer to sell your vehicle on your behalf. Although you would have to pay them a certain fee, your vehicle will stay on the dealer's lot and will be marketed to car buyers that visit the lot.

If you choose not to use a dealership, consider selling your SUV online. This is another good way to market your car. Post an ad on several websites for free and upload pictures of your car for potential buyers to view. Craigslist is one such website that you may use to market your vehicle. Alternatively, look for SUV forums online. There may be some members who might be interested in buying.

When selling the vehicle, ensure you have all the necessary documents handy. You will be able to sell your car fast and at the price you desire if you keep documents like the vehicle maintenance records, the car history report and warranty contract (if any) ready. If you have a transferable extended car warranty, you're likely to get a good price on your sale.