Sell My Old Car: Best Options to Consider for High Mileage Vehicles

January 27, 2012

If you're wondering, how to sell an old car fast, even if it has high mileage, then you may be interested to know that there are several different options for these vehicles. In additional to old car dealer companies and lots that specialize in vehicles of this type, there are ways to make vehicles with high mileage levels attractive to individual buyers as well. If all else fails, you can also sell the car for parts or to a salvage lot as well.

Repair the Car Before Advertising

One way you can make an older vehicle with a high mileage level more attractive to potential buyers is to replace certain components of the car that may make it otherwise an unattractive option. While this may seem counterintuitive to the process of making money on the vehicle, oftentimes you stand to make money by replacing some of these components, because the car will be more likely to sell, and will also sell for a higher price in the end. For vehicles with high mileage, consider replacing or repairing the transmission system and different engine components. Because these are the most likely to break down once the vehicle reaches a high mileage rating, you'll find that more byers are interested in considering your car if it has newer systems of these types.

Sell the Car to a Used Car Dealership

Many used car dealers will pay for vehicles that are old or worn out. While the price that they will offer you for these cars is lower than what you'd see for a newer or better condition vehicle, you can still stand to make some money back on your initial investment. Another benefit to this option is that this requires little to no additional repair work or effort on your part.

Sell the Car to a Salvage Lot

If you find your vehicle is not drawing offers from used car dealers, and if it is in such poor condition it isn't feasible to repair the vehicle before advertising it for sale, you may wish to consider selling the car to a salvage lot. These dealerships specialize in cars that are broken down and otherwise beyond repair. Selling the car to these lots will effectively get the vehicle off your hands, but you will not receive a lot of money in exchange. In some cases, you'll only be able to sell the car for scrap parts.

Advertise the Car to Individual Buyers

Some individual buyers enjoy purchasing broken down or old cars because of their excellent value or as a do-it-yourself repair project. Don't rule out the possibility of selling your older or high mileage vehicle to an individual buyer in a case like this as well.

If you have any additional questions about how to best sell your high mileage car, consult with a professional or a dealer today for more info.