Sell My Used Car: 5 Options to Consider

March 15, 2012

It's always advisable to sell your used car on the sites that have the greatest number of eyeballs, such as CarMax, Craigslist, and eBay Motors.

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You've finally gotten fed up with your old car and now you are asking yourself “Where can I sell my used car?” The good news is that when it comes to selling used cars today there are a multitude of options, many of which have only become available recently, thanks to the internet.

  1. CarMax Online. CarMax offers an interesting service to those interested in selling their used car. At Carmax Online you can sell or trade your car for a given price. It's a simple process that involves you going by one of CarMax's many brick and mortar stores to have your car appraised. They will then give you an offer that is valid for seven days. The offer is good whether you decide to purchase one of their cars using yours as a trade, or if you simply wish to sell them your car. This takes all the work out of trying to sell the car yourself and can be a very good option for a busy professional. 
  2. craigslist. Another online source for selling your used car is craigslist. Among the many different classified ads on craigslist, you will find a used car online list. You can put your car on the listing along with several pictures for free. You can only advertise to one locale at a time, but since most people want to buy cars from local sources, this really isn't an issue. 
  3. eBay Motors. A decent option for selling your used car online, especially if you have a unique vehicle to offer, one that people would be willing to drive long distances to pick up. You will have to pay a listing price with eBay Motors, but you can use the listing website to advertise your car on other websites. There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a used car on eBay motors, one of which is the fact that eBay has their own financing service for purchases made through eBay motors. This sets them apart from many other online classified services and may help you to sell your car quicker.
  4. Free options. Today it is usually best to use an online option for your primary means of advertisement but this doesn't mean you have to stop there. If you choose to sell your car through an online classified ad you can also do some other lower reaching free advertising like putting a for sale sign on your car, advertising with a local, 'free for personal use' advertiser, or putting up flyers in community businesses advertising your vehicle.
  5. Create your own car For Sale website. Another option, especially if you are web savvy, is to create your own website advertising your used car. This is a great way to get as much space as you need for free. Because there are many free building sites out there that will let you have a free space using their domain name, in exchange for a few ad banners on your site. The space provided by even the stingiest free website service should be enough to advertise your car with as many pictures and description as you can come up with. For less than $20.00 you can even buy your own domain, good for a year, to advertise your car, if that is a route you really want to take.
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